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Letter to the Editor: Decision to remove Ibis Ride irrational, dangerous

I do not drink, and I almost never go to the Grove. But somebody should lose their job over the irrational decision to take away the students’ safe ride home. It is only a matter of time before students at our university lose their lives because the dean of students finds it necessary to send the message they would rather the students drive drunk than ride a safe bus with a sober driver. UM students dying as a result of this decision isn’t a matter of if, but a matter of when. I propose we name the next new building on our campus after whichever member of our student body is the first to die as a result of this terrible decision. Whoever made the call to cancel this safe ride should be ashamed of themselves. If the dean of students made this decision, then our school needs to fire him and find a new dean.

-Rugh J. Cline
Law Student
Class of 2010

April 8, 2009


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Letter to the Editor

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  1. Chris says:

    No one is forcing you go to the Grove and get drunk. If you don’t have a ride anymore THEN DON’T DRINK AT THE GROVE! I still manage to have fun without drinking… so can you. Simple as that.

  2. Pat Banyas says:

    As one goes away to College to learn and supposedly to grow up it follows that part and parcel of that is learning responsibility and accountability. UM is no more than a school that facilitates students learning and growing process. There is no assumption that UM controls a sutdent’s actions once they leave campus nor is should there be the assumption that UM should be responsible for a student once they get drunk off campus. Students are at UM to learn and grow up. Part of growing up is assuming repsonsibility for our own actions. While the loss of the Ibis Shuttle to the Grove is a major inconvenience for a large number of students the responsibility for the loss should be placed on the students who lack personal responsibility not on UM or any Administrative personnel. UM is not a parent and is not responsible for students who drink too much. Those that believe UM is wrong to expect students to act as adults on the Ibis Shuttle are those that don’t believe they should be responsible for their own actions. Those persons are the ones responsible for losing the Ibis Shuttle! Students need to begin expecting good behavior from other students if they wish other students to begin acting as adults! Thanks
    Pat B

  3. Nick Moran says:

    It’s sad to see a law student use such flawed logic.

    If anything, the University was more liable WITH the drunk bus, as it arguably encouraged drinking, than it is without the damn thing. No matter which way you slice it, drinking is the choice and responsibility of the individual, and by extension so is the means that they get to and from their favorite watering hole.

  4. Thinker says:

    Supposedly, when a human turns 18 they become an adult. Adult descisions in life sometimes have consequences. If you don’t have someone to drive you home after drinking, don’t drink, or get a cab! If you can spend $6 on a drink, you can spend $7 on a cab.

    Just because you come to the University of Miami, doesn’t automatically make the administration your nanny. I honestly can’t understand why some students think that the University owes you anything more than an education. You will be sorely disappointed when you enter the real world and find out that you’re not that special!

    Also, one thing that no one ever mentions this town has public transportation!! On your way out, the metrorail can take you to the coconut grove station, and a 10 minute bus takes you right to the cocowalk. For the way back there is late night buses that take you past UM, and there is always cabs, which are not that expensive! Heaven forbid you get inconvienced by 20 minutes or $7 dollars to do the right thing!

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