Dear V: Why is ‘hooking up’ catching so many people?

Dear V,

What is with the whole “hooking up” thing? I just don’t understand it. Why does no one at UM want to have a girlfriend or be in a relationship? Sure, there is immediate gratification involved with hooking up – but it’s so random and gross. And usually someone gets hurt! Why do you think students UM especially are so into hooking up and not being in relationships? Is it the type of people that go to school here, or is this an epidemic all of us relationship-types should be aware of? It is very disheartening for all of us out there looking for love!

-Off the Hook

Dear Hook,

Ah, the U. There is no denying that our college experience is unique: the culture, the nightlife, the beach – the practically nude women that go parading down the street. The Miami lifestyle is the perfect recipe to quench the male libido. While I am not testifying for promiscuity, I ask why would a young gentleman go out of his way to buy a cow when there’s a variety of free milk traipsing around in stilettos?

So to answer your final question: UM would be an ideal place for the single “type.” In fact, a Forbes report gathered a bunch of info on the amount of youth, bars, job growth and local attractions and ranked Miami as the second-best U.S. city in which to be single. So go enjoy it!!

College is about educating yourself and figuring out what you want to do with your life. More often than not, it is easier to accomplish this without the responsibilities of a committed relationship. If you are focusing all of your energy into finding a relationship, change that. Divert your attention to your studies. Head off in a direction that suits you and your goals, then you can find someone to sit shotgun.

Moreover, going on a manhunt is not the way to wind up in a relationship. Guys find it more appealing and easier to respect a girl if she has her own life, into which he has to earn his way. Besides, being on the lookout for Mr. Right will leave you open to settling for anyone that comes your way. Keep your focus. Keep your standards. Keep the faith. You’ll be happier in the long run.

Best of Luck!