Top recruiting class? I think not

If Frank Haith is such a great recruiter, then why am I watching a McDonald’s All-American Game full of players headed to Duke, North Carolina and Georgia Tech, but not Miami?

I began to think back on our season and our program and wonder “why not us?” We have a solid recruiting class, but we still aren’t able to grab any of the big name players, the guys that play in these types of games.

I sat in my chair and watched the game, but it was a little depressing hearing Len Elmore tell me how great these players are going be in the ACC. I understand that we are not a top-tier program…yet. But this was supposed to be the year we made a name for ourselves.

Success on the court leads to success in recruiting no matter how attractive your campus or your program’s reputation is.

Haith is a great recruiter and a valuable asset to our program, but I still haven’t been sold on his pure coaching ability. Too many times I have watched the Canes succumb to a mediocre press and turn the ball over. We struggle to operate out of any offensive set that doesn’t involve McClinton heaving a 3-pointer from the parking lot. Finally, there have even been times when the team was struggling and Haith called a timeout, only to spend most of it talking to his assistant coaches instead of his players.

Infuriating! It makes me angry just thinking about it. My basketball career ended after my senior year of high school and I can teach a press or set up a simple offense to get any of the team’s many shooters open.

Think about what kept us out of the tournament this year. We lost three games in overtime and four more by fewer than five points.

If we were able to execute down the stretch and win four of those games, not only would we have been in the tournament, but we probably would have been nationally ranked as well. It all boils down to coaching.

So, Coach, if you want to prove to us that you are the recruiter you promised and can bring in some of these big name players, then you need to start preparing your team, executing and winning close games. If you do those three things (I understand it’s easier said then done) then I guarantee it will result in more wins. More wins leads to more respect. More respect leads to, among other things, better recruits.

Next year, I hope things are different. You know what you need to do, Coach. So now I plan to be watching a few future Miami Hurricanes play in the All-American Game. And if I’m lucky, the Canes will still be playing, too. Even if it’s just the NIT, it’s a start.