Letter to the editor: Response to criticism of WQAM announcer Joe Zagacki

Alumnus Ben Brislawn’s attack on UM sportscaster Joe Zagacki (Feb. 23-25) crosses the line of opinion or taste, into the realm of character assassination, and demands a response.

In my 23 years of teaching at the University of Miami, I have listened to countless games broadcast by Mr. Zagacki (who I do not know personally), and have always found his announcing crisp, efficient, informed – utterly professional. His devotion to the university is absolutely unquestioned, yet he will report with candor on a team’s deficiencies as well as its successes. His delivery is clear, entirely listenable, and not without humor. The young WVUM talent would do well to “go to school” on Joe Zagacki’s many strengths.

Finally, since Mr. Brislawn takes a potshot at him too, let me put in a word for Don Bailey, Jr., whose color analysis is a fine, enthusiastic complement to Zagacki’s steady play-by-play. The university is fortunate to have both gentlemen announcing its athletic events, and I hope they’ll continue do so for a long time.

Peter Schmitt
Department of English