Letter to the Editor: A response from Iron Arrow

The bylaws of Iron Arrow state that one may not be recognized for what one did as an undergraduate after graduation. On the other hand, if such an individual has excelled in his/her respective fields and/or continued to enhance the University of Miami, then that individual may be considered for selection based upon those merits.

Iron Arrow members wore their jackets in honor of Dr. Stanford, who would have certainly appreciated the honor we showed him by wearing those jackets. Henry King Stanford was as proud of Iron Arrow, the highest honor one may attain at the University of Miami, as his predecessors were. I regret that Henry’s jacket was not there on display. He would have been delighted that Iron Arrow members cared enough to wear their jackets to his memorial service.

May I point out that President Shalala was wearing her Iron Arrow jacket, as well as former President Tad Foote and his wife, Bosey Foote?

Maybe the distraction was really caused by “jacket envy?”

Dr. Stanford is memorialized on a daily basis by the places named in his honor while he was still alive to appreciate the fact that everyone thought so highly of him. He was well aware that those of us who knew and loved him believed him to be a legend in his own time.

– Micki Lewis
Class of 1965