Our opinion: Even if you don’t normally watch ‘American Idol,’ rock the vote for fellow Cane

Through its first eight seasons, this is the first major mention of “American Idol” in The Miami Hurricane. With its ups and downs, successes and pitfalls, you might be asking yourself why season eight is worth mentioning.

The University of Miami’s very own Alex Wagner-Trugman from Studio City, Calif., is competing to be one of the top 12 finalists. A big deal indeed, as even a minute of national TV airtime can turn a nobody into a somebody.

But Alex isn’t a nobody anymore. He might not be a somebody yet, but being in the top 36 says something. If the competition was purely based on luck, he would have about a .035 percent chance of being where he is now…not likely.

If you’ve never heard his name, now you have. Make it a point to watch and support your fellow Cane, Wagner-Trugman. From here on in, the competition is based on viewer voting. So vote for him! Our sincere apologies for the election season flashback, but wouldn’t it be a little bit cool to say you went to school with an American Idol?

Like it or not (and we’re betting most of you like it), “American Idol” is the most popular television program in the country, bar none. It’s been true since the beginning of the medium of television; people like music, and people like people trying to succeed in life. Why not support our fellow classmate in his pursuit?

Maybe you’re still not enthusiastic about a fellow classmate on national TV. Maybe you refuse to spend a quiet evening watching that mainstream nonsense. We still suggest you head to the Rathskeller at 7:30 on Tuesday. Even if you don’t want to see Simon’s absurdly blunt comments, Paula’s wacky (possibly drug-induced) antics, Randy’s “dogs” or Kara’s (the new girl) pretty face, come support Mr. Wagner-Trugman and your beer belly for free (well, not the beer).