Our opinion: Lack of SG options requires students to challenge new president post-election

What’s the point of democracy if there’s no competition to vote for?

This year, there will only be one candidate running for Student Government president, Lionel Moise. That means only one possible voice to represent the entire student body. But apparently not many people care. Last year, a mere 21 percent of students voted, and that resulted in a heated three-way. There’s not much chance of increased participation with only one single candidate.

While our interactions with Moise have been quite positive, that doesn’t mean that a cakewalk to the top is the best. Surely no one can argue that the trials and tribulations that current SG President Brandon Gross faced in getting to the top spot didn’t put a little more fire in his belly. An election, a run-off and a last stand against the SG Supreme Court will make you work to prove that you deserve the job. The lack of any competition may dull the competitive spirit of Moise, but only time will tell.

It is true that the ability to lead follows the ability to overcome. With no challenge in his way, Lionel will surely cruise to the presidency. But that doesn’t mean the students cannot continue to challenge him over this next year. Urge your president to hear your voice. Tell him how you feel and what you want. He is there for the service of the student body.

As you read this, think about what it means to you to vote. It’s been beaten into our heads for months now with the recent presidential election, but it’s true as ever. Allow yourself to be represented. This Monday through Wednesday, vote, even if there is only one choice. Send a message that the students who will represent us for this next year are ones that truly represent what we want.