Letter to the editor: Complaints about trayless dining hall proposal

I recently learned that there would be only one ticket for this year’s student elections, so I decided to take a look at their Web site to see what our future leaders were about. I was supremely disappointed to find that not only was there no way to contact anyone on the ticket with suggestions about the platform, as there are a couple of TERRIBLE ideas floating around. A trayless dining hall? Why? We have already paid for the trays that are there and they cannot be a significant operating cost. How are students supposed to carry a cup, silverware and multiple plates of food (how often do you eat food from a single station?) to your seat in one trip? The dining halls already feel overcrowded during lunch, so why make the congestion worse by forcing people to make multiple trips. Plus, how are wheelchair-bound student s going to transport their meals? Trays allow people flexibility. This is going to be a huge headache. Other schools have done this, often to the chagrin of the student bodies involved. It’s one thing to be environmentally conscious, but another to be unconscionably foolish. Do not go trayless.

P.S. What the hell are you going to do with all the trays?

Cole Brown