Being single can have its advantages on Valentine’s Day

While many students may be busy buying heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, composing odes on Hallmark cards and planning their matching red wardrobes, there are those who cringe at the thought of Valentine’s Day. Usually this is the singleton, resentful that they cannot partake in a holiday that seems designed specifically for those who have a special someone to share it with.

These people can stop shooting hateful glances at their love-stricken friends, however, because being single can actually be a good thing on Valentine’s Day. Here are some advantages to being single on Feb. 14:

  • Most couples will be subjected to sappy romantic comedies this Saturday, like He’s Just Not That Into You or Bride Wars. Those without dates can take advantage of the fact that almost every other theater will be empty and watch a movie that has previously been packed or sold out.
  • Couples around this time are scrambling to find the perfect gift for their sweethearts. Singles can feel grateful for having been spared the stress of looking for the right gift and paying for something that probably costs more than it is worth.
  • Although most people would consider being bombarded with candy and sweets desirable, being spared the extra calories is an advantage over friends indulging in candy hearts and chocolate truffles.
  • Unlike those that are busy with dates this Saturday, single guys or girls can watch any sporting events going on Saturday or play the sport of their choice with friends without having to worry about being sweaty for a big date.
  • It won’t be necessary to buy a new outfit or dress up for those staying in on Saturday that prefer to hang out in casual sweats or pajamas.
  • This Saturday, singles will not have to feel bad if they want to go clubbing instead of having a quiet date night. Many clubs in Miami are having special events that night, such as DJ Dance Sessions at Spiegelworld, Sexy in Miami at Club Deep, a Hawaiian Luau party at Nocturnal and Eye Candy at Club Dream. This could be a good way to meet other singles in the area.
  • Pizza or other food delivery for those staying in might not take as long because couples usually reserve this night to go out to a romantic restaurant.