Posters advertising ‘Che’ biopic vandalized near Cosford Cinema

VANDALIZED: One of two posters promoting the biopic 'Che' with the word "Asesino" scrawled over them near the Cosford Cinema. Asesino is Spanish for murdurer.

MARKED UP: One of two posters promoting the biopic 'Che' with the word Asesino scrawled over them near the Cosford Cinema. Asesino is Spanish for "murderer." MATTHEW BUNCH // Hurricane Staff

Two posters advertising the biopic Che were vandalized outside of the Bill Cosford Cinema sometime Thursday evening.

The film, about militant revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, features actor Benecio del Toro in the title role. The cinema is scheduled to show both parts of the film this weekend.

The word asesino, which means “murderer” in Spanish, was scrawled in permanent black marker across a plastic case housing the poster, which depicts actor Benicio del Toro as Guevara.

Guevara, a supporter of Cuban socialism who invaded Cuba under Fidel Castro’s leadership, was executed in Bolivia in 1967. His strong-handed actions have remained controversial, particularly among the Cuban-American community in Miami.

“Che represents a figure who has a lot of blood on his hands. He is responsible for many of the executions that took place in the early days of the Cuban Revolution,” said Andy Gomez, assistant provost and senior fellow at the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies.

“If the movie portrays him as someone good, we’re not going to like it,” said freshman Chris Castillo, a Cuban-American.

The act of vandalism is not something that is taken lightly, according to UM officials.

“You may think it’s funny or silly, but there are extreme consequences for something like putting graffiti on a poster,” said David Rivero, chief of the University of Miami Police Department.

Consequences may include up to one year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. The university will also discipline any student found guilty of vandalism with a suspension, warning or probation, depending on the situation and the student’s disciplinary history. Restitution will almost always be required of the guilty student by the university.

“It’s a cowardly crime. It upsets someone and the person is usually not willing to come forward and discuss why they did it,” said Ricardo Hall, dean of students. No suspects have been found at this time, but it is possible that a review of surveillance video footage may identify a perpetrator.

January 24, 2009


Ashleigh Maynard

Contributing News Writer

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  1. G says:

    you CANNOT travel back… so so why can cubans?
    And who cares if NK is a state guided tour… the US GOVT allows americans to take that tour.. why not in Cuba?!

  2. G says:

    If you get asylum in the U.S., you can travel back to the country you got asylum from… so all those cuban americans traveling back to big bad cuba should lose their status in the us and not be allowed back in, just like it is w/ all other countries!

  3. Right wing nut case says:

    Hey Josh,

    maybe you should do a little research before you open your mouth. I mean come on, I’m sure you have a shortcut to atleast Wikipedia from all the outstanding papers you have probably written in college! Because you can only travel to North Korea on a guided tour (government sponsored), where every move is monitored. But generally American Citizens are not let into NK, that is mandated by the North Korean government..

    And travel benefits? What are you talking about? Do you mean the fact that Cuban citizens can get political asylum here in the US? Well just a hint for ya, people from Colorado can get political Asylum to the United States too!

    Sincerely, a right wing nut job.

  4. Josh says:

    Just open up Cuba already. Americans can travel to North Korea without a problem, why not Cuba? And why do Cuban Americans get special travel benefits the rest of us don’t? Why is there regular old blue passport valid in more countries than little ol’ mine who was born in colorful Colorado? These right wing nut cases who scrawl graffiti on movie posters are pathetic and need to get a day job.

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