Spotted On Site: Diana Alvarez

Diana Alvarez is a sophomore majoring in biology and an animal lover who is interested in veterinary work.

THE MIAMI HURRICANE: What inspires your style?

Diana Alvarez: Other people, colors, nature and my aunt inspire my style. My aunt is a free-spirit person who has lived all over [the world], from France to Spain. Also, festivals, such as the Greek Festival, and all the unique and different things they sell.

TMH: What is one thing that people don’t know about you?

DA: Well, based on my outward appearance, people look at me and think that I am free spirited and nonchalant when, in actuality, I am very OCD [obsessive compulsive]. Everything has to be in order and I also worry about school, work and the well-being of my friends. I’m a little higher strung.

TMH: Why did you decide to take a pre-vet track?

DA: Originally, I was pre-med, but after my beagle Roxy passed after a battle with lymphoma, I wanted to help others going through the same thing. And I’ve always been passionate about animals. The more I work with others such as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Monkey Jungle, the more interesting I find it and the more I love it. Also, the best part about working with animals is that you immediately get to work hands on with the animals as opposed to at a hospital, where you have to go through a bunch of training before you can even get near a person.

TMH: Are you actively involved on campus?

DA: Yes, I am a member of the Pre-Veterinary Society, which basically speaks for itself as to why I joined it. I am also a member of Miami Ballroom and Salsa Craze because I love dancing; I have been dancing since I was little, and this gave me an opportunity to learn something new. Lastly, I joined the Association of Commuter Students, mostly because they are a lively group of people whom you can have fun with. But also, I can always find a stupid excuse to wear a funny hat with them and not be looked at.

TMH: Why did you choose to go to the University of Miami?

DA: Mainly, I was afraid of change. I’m from Miami, and I didn’t want to go far from home and my family. But now that I have been at UM, I feel more capable to leave for vet school in the future.