Our opinion: Our apologies for our bad advice on Georgia Tech

To the readers of The Miami Hurricane:

The Editorial Board would like to offer our sincerest apologies for writing in this space last Thursday that you should go to the Rathskeller to watch last Thursday’s game against Georgia Tech.

We know how optimistic we sounded on Thursday, and we regretfully take it back. Our hopes for the future are still strong, but the smell of success for this season has blown away.

Our suggestion that students watch the remaining football games at the Rathskeller was a bust. About an hour before game time, the Rat was teeming with bright-eyed students, faculty and alumni eager to watch our team step it up and ultimately secure our position as No. 1 in the ACC Coastal division.

After two heart-wrenching interceptions, the pessimists in the crowd began to clear out. The Yellow Jackets had successfully silenced a crowd over 600 miles away.

It is true that we only have a limited time to enjoy our precious ‘Skeller, but the keyword here is “enjoy.” Enjoyment only came in miniature waves of emotion as the Hurricanes scored successive touchdowns in the fourth quarter – too little, too late.

For the final game of the season, we’re not going to tell you that the Rat is the place to be. It very well may be an exciting time as we crush the Wolfpack but, especially for those seniors out there, enjoy it in good company. Don’t worry where you’re watching it, because the only thing that matters now is that you’re with your friends, drinking beer and barbequing. Satisfaction is relative.