Closure? I think not

With every tragic event, there are tragic repercussions. In the case of the beloved Eddie Pieron, a close friend, closure came in the form of a beautiful ceremony put on by his closest of friends. When a fellow student mentioned that the police have made little progress with Eddie’s case, I went and did a little research. I found that the reward for information leading to an arrest for our dear Eddie is $1,000. On the outside this may seem sweet and simple, but under the surface, it is upsetting and illogical. The reason I say upsetting is because the reward money for the mutilated American crocodile was five times that. $5,000 for an animal, $1,000 for a human, friend, peer. I’m just curious who the hell decides these arbitrary prices. Is it Crime Stoppers or the police? Either way, it is borderline disrespectful to put a price on closure – especially when that price is 20 percent that of an animal.

– Ramsa Mosari