US and World News

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s cabinet overwhelmingly approved a security pact with the U.S. on Sunday, accepting the presence of U.S. troops until 2012. The deal detailing the conditions of U.S. presence still needs parliamentary approval, and lawmakers could vote as soon as Nov. 24.

SOMALIA – On Sunday, an armed group captured a Japanese freighter off the coast of Somalia. There was a 23 member crew on board. The hijackers’ motives and the safety of the crew is still unclear.

WASHINGTON – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said this Saturday that the House of Representatives would give money to collapsing American automakers. This money was conditional as the auto industry has to meet new standards such as increased fuel efficiency. Pelosi did not specify how much money the House would allot.

ATLANTA – Bill Clinton has been campaigning for Democratic challenger Jim Martin in his Dec. 2 run-off race against incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss. Last week, former Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain campaigned for Chambliss.