Spotted on Site: Joe Sanchez

    Joe Sanchez, a freshman majoring in film, is a Miami native.

    THE MIAMI HURRICANE: I noticed the cowboy hat, what’s the significance?

    Joe Sanchez: I got it in Georgia. I like it, it keeps the sun out of my eyes and it looks cool.

    TMH: What inspires your style?

    JS: Conventionality. It is comfortable, and something I will use sometime throughout the day.

    TMH: Why do you have long hair?

    JS: There are two reasons why. One, I don’t like paying for haircuts, and two, my dad used to always make me cut my hair so now against my dads wishes I grow it out.

    TMH: I see you all the time on your bike, is that just for school or do you ride professionally?

    JS: I don’t do it professionally, but I do go cycling with friends. We sometimes go to Jonathan Dickinson Park and go trail riding.

    TMH: So do you own a car or do you ride your bike everywhere?

    JS: No, I don’t own a car. I typically ride my bike everywhere. I live on campus so I don’t ride my bike to school, but I probably could have if I did live at home.

    TMH: Why did you decide to choose film as your major?

    JS: Well, two years ago, I did the theater summer program here at UM, and my high school background is in theater, but film is more technical and has more mass media options. Plus, film is something I wanted to do with my life.