Weekend Playlist

“Change Gon’ Come” by Asher Roth, B.o.B. & Charles Hamilton – Three of the “leaders of the new cool” provide you with a grandiose anthem for our new president, Mr. Barack Obama.

“History” by Jay-Z – Jay was one of Obama’s biggest and most outspoken supporters throughout the campaign, so it’s only fitting he released a song praising Barack the day after the election.

“Any Way” by Kanye West – Yet another song that’s been leaked from Ye’s 808s and Heartbreak, featuring up-and-comer Kid Cudi. The album sounds great so far, check it out in stores in a few weeks.

“Cappuccino” by The Knux – It’s hard to make a coffee shop sound sexual. Or is it? Either way, the duo blends rap & rock and brews some horniness on their catchy single off their new album.

“Karaoke” by T-Pain – T-Pain knows how to rap? Great! Make sure you throw on your ridiculous white hater-blockers when you listen to Pain angrily complain about Auto-Tune impostors. DJ Khaled’s feature may force you to throw yourself off the business school, so you can just fast-forward that bit.