Look at the bright side

Obama for the most part, had good advisers. The cabinet he chooses will be the most demonstrative way he will define his office.

Either way, he has a huge challenge ahead of him, one that will require both sides of the aisle to cooperate and will have his hand held by senior advisers all along the way. He will be closely monitored. I am also of the belief that the media that elevated him to this stratospheric height will now use all of their influence to destabilize him going forward, as it will be further incentive for them to sell newspapers and gain traction. They have no morals, ethics or transient loyalties.

This morning, while waiting at the train station near East Orange, N.J., I overheard the enthusiasm and elation of the African Americans that were waiting with me on the platform. To a minority that has been marginalized and victims of prejudice for generations, I could see how important this event was for them. It is life altering. I just hope that they use this constructively and relinquish the need to cling to the anger of the radical leaders they chose to guide them and become motivated by their pride, achievement and patriotism.

The policy issues the Obama administration will promote are still controversial, and when the euphoria ends we will be left with intimidating economic, domestic and international hurdles, and even though there may be “change” in this country, we will still be reminded that we live in a very dangerous world that leaves us with very much of the same.

– Adam Jones Lamont

Class of 2001