CD Review: John Legend ‘Evolver’

After gaining international iconic success, winning countless awards for his debut album Get Lifted (2004) and touring worldwide in support of his platinum follow up, Once Again (2006), John Legend’s third R&B album release Evolver is sure to please waiting fans as well as curious newcomers who seek a satisfying taste of tender and dynamic love ballads.

If you fell in love with the creativity, sensuality and intellect on Once Again, then prepare for an alluring affair of  romance, ecstasy and fantasy with Evolver. The album is a neo-soul classic entwined with soulful tunes from stimulating instrumentation and passionate lyrics, all unified through Legend’s soothing but colorful and spirited vocals.

The soft and comforting opening ballad “Good Morning” introduces Evolver with meditative sounds of chirping birds and womanly sighs, bringing the listener immediate contentment and relaxation. Following the intro is the catchy, funky and upbeat tempos of “Green Light,” featuring the lyrical linguistics of mega-talented hip-hop veteran Andre 3000. Other prominent guest spots are presented in the guitar-stricken “I Love You, You Love,” an innovative production of, as well as io the piano tinkling “It’s Over Now,” an unapologetic real-talk track about ending an overdue relationship, where Legend’s iconic mentor Kanye West lays down some of his reputed stylistic rhymes.

Legend’s soulful confessions of ecstatic relationships, sensual temptations and boundless lovemaking convey an enticing utopia and create an overall sense of nirvanic pleasure.

As whole-hearted lyrics, sultry falsettos and melodic instrumentals balance throughout each track, Legend gives life to his music, inviting an array of matured emotions that evolve uniquely on each song. Legend continually quenches his audience’s thirst for sensually inspiring love-making music and, once again, leaves fans well nourished.


3 out of 4 stars