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It’s hard to be patriotic

At a traditional dinner, we “broke fast” at our friend’s home recently at the conclusion of the Yom Kippur holiday. Sitting with this observant Jewish family whose children were home from college, we opened the dialogue on the elections and the candidates we supported.  To no surprise, the youth’s choice was Obama. When asked why, their remarks were just reprocessed regurgitation of commonly held positions on the economy and “change” with a general disregard for the current administration and the direction of the country. One of the young adults seated at the table responded with a disturbing but ever-present comment resonating from the masses of students that attend the liberal breeding grounds our college campuses have become: “It’s hard to be patriotic.” I was upset to hear his disturbing but honest remark, and realized that the fashion statement students make today exhibit irreverence and disdain for our country. I found it hard to believe that this diluted regard for our country came from this young man that I’ve seen grow up. The son of a Brooklyn native and self-made successful technology entrepreneur, the grandson of grandparents who survived Auschwitz and who were later saved by this country, this young man who was a student that attended private Jewish day schools and learned to support Israel, the country he loves and would fight for, if threatened, found it difficult to express a favorable view of his country openly on campus.

I then asked this young man what he thought of the Obama-Ayers associations; William Ayers the founder and leader of “the Weather Underground,” a U.S.-based terrorist organization in the ’60s that was responsible for several bombings, including the Pentagon, the Capitol, bank robberies and several people being killed during their rampage. Obama chaired the educational organization that Ayers founded to teach radicalism to the youth of America. He held the position for six years. Obama launched his political career at a party held in Ayers living room. On 9/11/01, Ayers was quoted as saying that he did not regret bombing the Pentagon and was unrepentant. The student had not heard of Ayers.  We discussed Obama’s connection to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Farrakhan, both outspoken anti-American and anti-semitic demagogues, and the significant relationship Wright maintained with Obama for over 20 years. He responded with little connection to or knowledge of either figure.

I also asked if he had ever heard of Obama’s link to Dr. Khalid Al Mansour, adviser to a powerful Saudi family, mentor and supporter of the Black Panthers and another outspoken hater of Israel and the US. He didn’t know that Mansour requested Percy Sutton, a NYC public figure, to write a letter of recommendation for Obama’s acceptance to Harvard Law School, coupled with the theory that Mansour’s employers secretly financed his education at Harvard. He did not know of either person.

What about Obama’s early childhood Muslim education in an Indonesian school? Did he ever hear about his connection to a radical professor at Columbia who held a fundraiser for Obama, Khalidi Rashidi, the PLO adviser and promoter of anti-Israeli influence? Nope, never heard of him.

This lack of information is partly due to a deliberate attempt by the liberal media to limit or omit reports about these significant relationships in Obama’s past and the commonality of these anti-American personalities. It has created this mass appeal, a “no fault” approval and favorable opinion held by the majority of youths because a void exists in reporting which results in suppression of important knowledge. It has nothing to do with being a Democrat or Republican or Independent, but has everything to do with being anti-American. Unfortunately, that has become more acceptable than being patriotic and supporting the philosophy and values that previous American generations have admired and maintained.

The Obama candidacy has the potential to represent these anti-American influences here and abroad and will transform this generation and country into one that supports the philosophy and values of his previous relationships in Ayers, Wright, Farrakhan, Mansour, Rashidi, Resko, radicalism and Islam. That representation and history of associations should be cause for alarm and should be a red light to hold off any support to anyone who has these longstanding and conflicting relationships with America and who has aspirations to hold the highest office of the land, supreme commander of the allied powers and the leader of the free world.

– Charlie Runstrum

Class of ’88

November 3, 2008


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Letter to the Editor

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  1. howie says:

    I hope those who disagree with this piece of nonsense and who value divergent points of view will support bill ayers by signing a petition in support of him at supportbillayers.org, buy Khalidi’s books including Palestinian Identity and Resurrecting Empire and read them with an open but critical mind, listen to some more of Rev. Wright’s sermons on Youtube, and read about the 60’s and the context of the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers and Nation of Islam. Man, reading this letter makes me that much more happy that there has been a change of power in this country!

  2. E says:

    J i did do my research and am proud to have voted for Obama. I’m sorry you feel so strongly against him, thankfully, he’ll have 4 years to prove that he is the right choice for this country :)

  3. j says:

    The TRUTH was told with the article written by Charlie. The FACTS are there for all to research. Bill Ayers wrote two other books, one of which he dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan , the person who assassinated Bobby Kennedy. His second book he dedicated to 78 people; all convicted cop killers. He was acquitted on “technicalities” that the wire taps that were used to incriminate him were illegal, but it didn’t change the truth about his guilt. When released Ayers responded :”I am guilty as hell, and free as a bird”. His wife, although did serve time in jail.
    Obama attended the Trinity church for 20 years. According to Obama , about twice per month. That equates to approximately 500 times he attended. Do you think that he never heard any of these racially charged anti American comments over all of these years?? Get real. Obama was married by Wright, his kids were baptized by him and he named his book”Audacity of Hope” after a quote by Wright.
    Wright honored Louis Farrakhan as the “Man of the Year”, the outspoken leader of Nation of Islam. known for his hateful comments about America, Israel and Jews and quotes of “the gutter religion” referring to Judaism.
    The point Charlie made is that the media is totally biased in favor of Obama and doesn’t report. Recent proof is the LA Times suppressing the video with Obama and Rashid Khalidi , the anti American, anti Israel, Palestinian advisor who raised funds for Obama. Or the lack of media coverage on over $200M of illegal and untraceable contributions Obama received because he did not require proper address and name verification to process credit card transactions. Most people are not informed, including the people making the opposing comments to Charlies article that was a refreshing dose of reality to the blind followers of this false prophet they call Obama. There is no evidence or track record that Obama or his angry wife Michelle “loves this country” or that he would support Israel. In fact the contrary exists ; he has a history of afro-centric, racially biased, anti Israel, anti american radicalism and close associations that would accurately define and represent his views and aspirations. Those associations would preclude him from getting a job with the FBI because he would not be able to pass the background check, although it doesn’t preclude him from being elected as President of the US because he exploits the passive nature of dissatisfied citizens with the past administration and the racial insulation he receives from criticism.
    Supplement the FACTS that the liberally biased media omitted, suppressed or denied and you will get the REAL picture of Obama….and it won’t be pretty!
    The choice will still be yours, although you can at least say that you gained the FACTS and learned the TRUTH before providing support to an individual who is looking to change the ideology of this country to the only ideology he has known.

  4. R says:

    I lol’d at how you said that we regurgitate points, but yet you’re doing exactly that – regurgitating points. :’]

  5. E says:

    WOW Miami Hurricane, that’s really really awesome. The day before the election, you decide to print this incredibly biased and FACTUALLY INACCURATE letter to the editor filled with Pro-McCain/Anti-Obama scare tactics. Careful! Your bias is showing!

    Mr Runstrum, your letter is straight up ridiculous. Bill Ayers WAS a part of a “terrorist” organization (some might refrain from such strong language and simply refer to it as an “activist organization”), yet their purpose was NEVER to directly harm or injure ANYONE. Anyone who died during their riots or bombings (they purposefully set bombs in govt owned buildings that they knew would be empty at detonation) was purely accidental. Kind of like how we Americans have killed Iraqi civilians… it wasn’t our intent, but hey, shit happens. If you’re going to call Bill Ayers a terrorist, you have to call George Bush a terrorist too.
    You’ve taken his 9/11 statement COMPLETELY out of context, too. His book happened to come out on 9/11 (he must have been in cahoots with Al-Qaeda to release on that day, huh? Totally awesome marketing scheme) and the interview was given prior to that date. He MEANT he wished he had done more to protest the war. Not necessarily BOMB, but raise awareness, more protests, more letter writing campaigns, whatever. Barack Obama was 12 when all of this was going on, and Bill Ayers was formally acquitted of all charges. If he’s this big bad terrorist man, WHY is he teaching at University of Illinois instead of locked up at Gitmo?

    Jeremiah Wright was Obama’s pastor for 20 years, yet there are only 3 or 4 inflammatory comments played over and over by the media. Perhaps this is because his regular sermons aren’t horrible or anti-American? Perhaps because those are the only horrible things he’s said? Or did he go in and threaten the newscasters at gunpoint to keep more negative things at bay? Also, you talk about how he has a *Muslim upbringing* yet you spend so much time harping on Wright. Is Obama a secret Muslim or an anti-American Christian? I can’t tell by your argument!

    Enough about Obama’s “anti-American” past. He’s shown that he loves this country and wants to spend his life serving it and making it a better place. He’s a hardworking Christian man who loves his family and wants his daughters to one day earn the same pay as their male coworkers. He wants future teachers like me to get a more competitive pay so our children can get a decent education. He wants to get the f out of Iraq, where we shouldn’t even be in the first place! And, by the way, he DOES support Israel, and not just because he wants to speed up the apocalypse (like Bush). He understands the problems that plague the middle class and wants to help them out. He understands that health care is BONKERS and that every American has a right to good health care.

    You can’t judge a person by the people who support them. If so, I’d be under the impression that McCain is as racist and illogical as you :)

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