Neoconned – the rise of a new Washington

Barring a dramatic shift in the political climate, Barack Obama will win on Tuesday. It is amazing to see such a huge cult of personality form around a candidate before he’s even in office. I think those left-liberals that rabidly support Obama will become incredibly disillusioned with Obama as president.

It must be a wonder to the intelligent Obama supporters that so many hawkish neocons are falling in line behind an “antiwar” candidate. Here are just a few: Ken Adelman supports Obama. In 2002, Adelman claimed that “Hussein constitutes the number one threat against American security and civilization” and he is infamous for writing “liberating Iraq would be a cakewalk.” Andrew Sullivan, one of the biggest cheerleaders for war, has fallen in love with Obama. The bloodthirsty and unremorseful Charles Krauthammer has all but endorsed Obama.

Truth is, Obama is far from being antiwar. He and the Democrats could have stopped the Iraq war long ago by denying funding. Reprehensibly, they shoved loads of pork into spending bills to justify their complicity in supporting an illegal and immoral war. Obama will expand the war in Afghanistan, launch military strikes in Pakistan and increase the military by almost 100,000 troops.

Obama wants to use more American blood and treasure defending the nascent Afghan government that is shifting towards a theocracy resembling that of the Taliban. Just last week a student and aspiring journalist there was spared the death penalty for circulating an article about women’s rights. The appeals court knocked the sentence down to 20 years. At least they have democracy now.

On Russia, Obama follows the advice of neocon Michael McFaul. To say McFaul is a hardliner on Russia is a huge understatement. If Obama keeps him on board, a new Cold War might emerge with NATO expanding to include Ukraine and Georgia. Bush is a dove with Russia compared to what Obama will be.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see many small, Clinton-style military interventions in Africa and other third world regions in the name of eliminating poverty and spreading democracy. Obama will further expand the American empire and intervene wherever he so pleases until we go bankrupt.

Obama is such a grassroots type of guy – that explains why 552 donors supplied him with almost a third of his campaign cash. Eleven of the top 20 sources of his funds are investment banks or Wall Street law firms. Obama brags that he doesn’t take money from PACs but the little secret that skirts campaign finance laws is “bundling,” the pooling of contributions from interest groups including corporations. Obama’s 600 bundlers, many of whom represent financial firms that benefited from the bailout, raised over $18 million. Could this money have influenced Obama’s “yes” vote on the bailout?

Oh yes, I forgot, Obama is above all this old politics and will change Washington. The more things change…

November 2, 2008


Timothy Heacock

Staff Columnist

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  1. berry says:

    Timothy Heacock is a genius

  2. Tim Heacock says:

    Thanks for grading my article Professor Joseph (Stalin?) although I thought it was much higher than a C.

    As far as your reality check goes, I’m still waiting to see one. You really didn’t say much of anything in your response refuting my article.

    First off, I’m not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination, at least the way you probably define conservatism. I hate Bush, McCain and Obama. All three are horrendous. Nowhere in my article could you have even inferred that I was a conservative. I am not “conceding” an Obama victory. I would never vote for either Obama or McCain in my right mind.

    I didn’t say “intelligent Obama supporters” to be facetious. I’m serious that this man they think will bring peace is really no big departure from Bush’s foreign policy. The only people being “anti-intellectual” are those that don’t look at all the facts and don’t take politicians’ promises at face value.

    Many antiwar types on the left love Obama and think that he will bring peace. The whole point of this article was to present evidence that Obama is not a great departure from our current foreign policy and is actually worse in some respects.

    “’Launch military strikes in Pakistan’–please, give me a break. Obama said he would hit Al-qaeda in pakistan if the pakistani government is either ‘unwilling or unable’ to assist.” The Pakistani military is on orders to fire on US planes if they cross into their airspace. My statement is still truthful: Obama will launch military strikes into Pakistan. Of course John McCain would do the same. Don’t you see the point now – Obama will not bring a drastic change to foreign policy.

    “’Increasing the military by 100,000’, what the hell does that mean? lol, tell me timothy, where is he gonna get a 100,000 new troops.” Are we on AIM right now? It says it right there on Obama’s website: he will “add 65,000 troops to the Army and recruit 27,000 more Marines.” OK you got me, that’s only 92,000. I figured it was close enough and will probably be closer to 100,000 once he gets in office.

    “The military is severely strained, we need more troops.” Or are we just using too many troops in pointless foreign conflicts that do nothing to increase our security?

    “You got the reality of this situation confused with your playstation game.” What??? I don’t play Playstation and I certainly haven’t misconstrued any reality. It is you that should read a little more of the facts before posting a response filled with spelling errors and factual inaccuracies.

    Thanks, I guess, for the compliments although I must say I place no value on them whatsoever. I wasn’t alluding to Clinton to say something positive about Obama. Clinton was a monster.

  3. Joseph says:

    I see your conceding that Obama will win. Well, you got some sense. Your right that some neocons,independents, and even convervatives are backing Obama.

    Not a terribly bad article, but nevertheless, its mediocore. You have a right to your opinion on Obama, but not a right to misleading your readers.

    Its time for a reality check–timothy.

    Its not a wonder to the “intelligient Obama supporters” why many necons and republicans are flocking toward Obama(by the way, you conservatives just keeping digging your holes deeper and deeper with your anti-intellectualism, what are you implying–“intelligient Obama supporters?) Does their intelligience offend you? Please clear that up for me.

    Not all conservatives are dogmatic, some can actually admit they made a mistake. Some have integrity and will do what they think is right, despite the criticism they may face. Unbelievable huh!

    Who says that Obama is a “anti war” candiditate. Is he anti-war becomes he wants a timeline for troop withdrawal in Iraq?–No, thats not anti-war. And i doubt those people you mentioned believe that. Stop simplifing whats really going on to fit your arguement. Not only is that a disservice to the UM paper, but to yourself.

    “Launch military strikes in Pakistan”–please, give me a break. Obama said he would hit Al-qaeda in pakistan if the pakistani government is either “unwilling or unable” to assist. Mccain would do the same. Mccain’s argument was in regards to if these assertions should be made public. Now that would be a “real” debate.

    “Increasing the military by 100,000”, what the hell does that mean? lol, tell me timothy, where is he gonna get a 100,000 new troops. The military is severely strained, we need more troops. The military has never spent this much on ads to try to recruit new troops.

    If Obama manages to get that many people to enlist, expecially during wartime–he must be the messiah as some have called him.

    You got the reality of this situation confused with your playstation game.

    Your paragraph on Afganistan–good.

    Your paragraph on how Obama might use “Clinton style intervention” a tactic Clinton used to apease both the right and left wing, in line with his “third way” philosophy–Very contraversial!

    You got something there–good!

    Overall, I give your article a C.

    You can do alot better, really.

    Good Luck

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