Weekend Playlist

“Heartless” by Kanye West: I’ll be honest, when I first heard this I played it on repeat for about an hour. Whether you can relate to Ye’s woes or not, it’s just really refreshing to hear a hip-hop artist’s raw emotions… even if they’re sung through Auto-Tune.

“Dance on Glass” by Q-Tip: Q-Tip still has it, and with the impressive creativity on his new album he sounds as if he’s got something to prove. Check out the best voice in hip-hop over his own soulful production.

“Day N’ Nite Remix” by Kid Cudi & Jay-Z: The original was great, and the Crookers remix was even better. The Jim Jones re-make? Not so much. But this Mick Boogie/Jay-Z remix brings a whole new and exciting element to the nearly played out banger from Cudi.

“Sweet Confusion” by Wil May: Relationships seem to be on the minds of most artists as of late, and Wil May follows suit with a funny anthem for miserable men across the globe that’ve been left behind.

“No Other Love” by John Legend feat. Estelle: The laid-back, almost reggae sounding production on this is a perfect complement to Legend and Estelle’s smooth singing. Bump this loudly when you’re thinking about that special lover and it may just inspire you to get them “out of your head and into your bed.”