Spotted On Site: George Kaminis

    Tanya Thompson // Hurricane Staff

    George Kaminis, a senior majoring in marine affairs with minors in art and business, is nearing the end of his stay at the University of Miami as he graduates at the end of this semester. He discusses both his life and his time at the university through the perspective of an international student from Athens, Greece.

    THE MIAMI HURRICANE: Where are you from?

    George Kaminis: Athens, Greece.

    TMH: Why did you come to the University of Miami?

    GK: I got in as a marine science biology major and Miami is one of the best. And then once I got here I switched to marine affairs, business, and art.

    TMH: Why an art minor, what got you interested?

    GK: It is something I could always get A’s in. Also, art is more hands on. Everything else is tedious and boring.

    TMH: Do you have any friends or family in Miami?

    GK: No, I’m all alone.

    TMH: Can you teach me to say something in Greek?

    GK: Sure, hello is: ΓΕΙΑ ΣΟΥ, pronounced “ya-sue.”