Talking hot grandmas with Clark Duke, star of ‘Sex Drive’

Amish sex, bodily functions mixed with sex, running naked through fields after sex. Given the various scenes in actor Clark Duke’s new film, it’s no wonder the movie is titled Sex Drive. The film’s tale about a road trip for two high school buddies and their best chick friend is bringing on the giggles for moviegoers across the nation. The Miami Hurricane caught up with Clark Duke just minutes after the Miami screening of Sex Drive on Oct. 8. From Duke’s ways with the ladies to his next movie with Eddie Murphy, nothing was off limits. 

THE MIAMI HURRICANE: You just got hit on by a couple really hot grandmas.

Clark Duke: I did. I told them to wait outside.

TMH: So are we holding you up?

CD: No, they’re waiting. They’ve got nothing to do.  

TMH: If you had to describe this movie to someone who hasn’t seen the trailer or anything, what would you say?

CD: I would say it’s just a really fun teen sex comedy that I think appeals to a broader audience than what the poster might imply. I would encourage anyone who likes comedies to go watch it.  

TMH: The audience was laughing the entire time. It’s reminiscent of some teen comidies, but something was different about it. What would you say influenced this movie?

CD: This one is influenced a lot by the great ‘80s teen comedies. The John Hughes movies, the John Cusack movies from the ‘80s more than any current stuff. 

TMH: After seeing the audience’s reaction, what do you guys think you have on your hands here?

CD: I’m just so glad that people like the movie. Our only goal throughout the whole thing was to make a funny movie. Based on the audience, I think we did. I can’t hope for a whole lot more than that.  

TMH: You told me that you guys shot this in South Florida. How did you make South Florida look so hillbilly? I mean, have you been to South Beach?

CD: I have. I loved it down here. We [shot here] for three months. I had a blast, but we had to CGI out a lot of palm trees. That was the only big hold-up.  

TMH: Why did you shoot down here, out of all the places to shoot?

CD: I think just the variety of locations. I think Florida gives a really big tax break to film productions is the real answer.  

TMH: You have a movie coming out with Eddie Murphy next year.

CD: Yeah, it’s called A Thousand Words. I play Eddie’s assistant. Eddie has a curse put on him so he only has a thousand words to say before he dies. He can’t talk for most of the film, so I have to interpret for him and figure out what he wants me to do.