Our opinion: Homecoming underpublicized, lacking in tradition

What is homecoming? Does anyone really know what that means? If you went to a high school that really appreciated the authenticity and tradition that homecoming instills, you might have a clue. If not, all you know are the incredible times that UM homecoming has to offer.

Despite this potential for great fun and frivolity, there are some problems with this year’s celebration.

We assume, for the game, that you tailgate several hours prior to kickoff. This week, and for last year’s homecoming as well, our game is at noon. Whether it’s the school or the ACC or the television networks that decide on game time, we are not happy campers. There once was a time (like two years ago) that Miami’s homecoming was a primetime event. No longer.

The evening before our very winnable game against Wake Forest (positive thinking breeds positive results), hip-hop sensation N*E*R*D will grace us with their presence and infuse in all of us a mood of joy and pride.

Realistically, many will be drinking before, during and after the show, and most likely may not make it to the relatively early game.

On another note, where is the feeling of homecoming right now? Besides for a few volunteers in the breezeway begging to suck you dry of platelets and red blood cells, where are the banners? Where is the buzz? At other schools, homecoming practically shuts down business, as alumni return to their alma mater for the big game. The Miami football fan being a practical one, they come back for the big games, like Florida State. A blessing in one sense, a curse in another.

If you’re a Greek, you are well aware of the full extent of activities that go on this week – because they involve you. For a school where Greek life is not that prevalent, “O-Cheer” and the float parade are all centered around Greek life. But otherwise, this week may seem like just any other week in the fall in Miami. Excitement for football is a renewable source of energy at UM, but excitement for homecoming just doesn’t seem to replenish as easily.

October 23, 2008


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  1. The real story says:

    Kassandra, from your post it seems that you are a freshamn, which may explain why you don’t seem to understand the real story behind a lot of your gripes. First of all, the halftime presentation, while lame, has nothing to do with UM. Dolphin STadium would not allow anyone on the field to announce the results, and that’s why they were scrolled across the screen. Believe me, those in charge of Homecoming would have loved to have been able to go on the field and announce the results. Also, all organizations are encouraged to participate in Homecoming, not just Greek fraternities and sororities. It should be noted that your org ACS won for large organization, not a sorority. Thirdly, I can tell you that lots of hardwork goes into planning Homecoming, but you arent a part of that, so I can’t blame you for not understanding. Fourthly, the game time has to do with when ESPN wants to broadcast the game, not when UM wants it to be played…of course we would have all loved for it to be a night game. Lastly, I feel like alot of the lack of hype around Homecoming has to do with how diverse our school is, not bc publicity was so poor. Because we have students coming from around the world, many do not understand what homecoming is, and therefore do not get excited for it.

  2. Kassandra Perez says:

    I completely agree with what you are saying about Homecoming. I am part of an organization that participated this year but besides us and a few other organizations, if you aren’t Greek you just think Homecoming is an excuse for random nights of free food and stuff. In my high school we had a spirit week prior to our Homecoming football game and even a dance. At UM, which is supposedly full of tradition and Homecoming is supposedly SUCH a big deal, it honestly, didn’t feel that way this year. My org and I ere upset about how halftime went: 20 minutes of garbage then the court announced in 30 seconds no big hoo ha and the winners were scrolled on the big screen faster than anyone can read. My org and I almost missed that we had won the whole shabang! It’s ridiculous how they try to play up UM to alums and all when no effort goes in to promoting the traditions, school spirit, and love for alma mater. The whole timing issue (noon game after a late night) is the stupidest thing ever… the game was noticeably emptier and even season ticket holders seemed to not wake up. Overall, I was disappointed with the traditional aspects and the fact that Homecoming just got like brushed off by Dolphin Stadium when we are bringing in a lot of revenue for them.

    I could go on for days buttttt ya hope it’s something!

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