Our opinion: Homecoming underpublicized, lacking in tradition

What is homecoming? Does anyone really know what that means? If you went to a high school that really appreciated the authenticity and tradition that homecoming instills, you might have a clue. If not, all you know are the incredible times that UM homecoming has to offer.

Despite this potential for great fun and frivolity, there are some problems with this year’s celebration.

We assume, for the game, that you tailgate several hours prior to kickoff. This week, and for last year’s homecoming as well, our game is at noon. Whether it’s the school or the ACC or the television networks that decide on game time, we are not happy campers. There once was a time (like two years ago) that Miami’s homecoming was a primetime event. No longer.

The evening before our very winnable game against Wake Forest (positive thinking breeds positive results), hip-hop sensation N*E*R*D will grace us with their presence and infuse in all of us a mood of joy and pride.

Realistically, many will be drinking before, during and after the show, and most likely may not make it to the relatively early game.

On another note, where is the feeling of homecoming right now? Besides for a few volunteers in the breezeway begging to suck you dry of platelets and red blood cells, where are the banners? Where is the buzz? At other schools, homecoming practically shuts down business, as alumni return to their alma mater for the big game. The Miami football fan being a practical one, they come back for the big games, like Florida State. A blessing in one sense, a curse in another.

If you’re a Greek, you are well aware of the full extent of activities that go on this week – because they involve you. For a school where Greek life is not that prevalent, “O-Cheer” and the float parade are all centered around Greek life. But otherwise, this week may seem like just any other week in the fall in Miami. Excitement for football is a renewable source of energy at UM, but excitement for homecoming just doesn’t seem to replenish as easily.