CD Review: Oasis’ ‘Dig Out Your Soul’

If, like me, your disappointment in the previous Oasis album, Don’t Believe the Truth, was palpable, you may also approach this album with a sense of trepidation. Well end your tremulous steps and walk towards this record boldly, dear reader. This album is, while perhaps not up to the glorious standard of What’s The Story, Morning Glory, is most definitely a return to form for the Mancunian masters.

The headlining songs – “The Shock of the Lightning” and “I’m Outta Time” – are tracks that are quite different from one another, and yet are typical of earlier Oasis opuses. “I’m Outta Time” is downbeat without being depressing and inspiring without being insipid, a relaxing yet catchy song almost on par with the replayability of “Wonderwall.”

“Lightning’s” own style is more upbeat, and is a fantastic pre-gaming anthem. The other songs follow in much the same fashion, so if you have enjoyed Oasis’ music in the past, you’ll doubtlessly be thrilled by this album and consider it money well spent. If you are opposed to my personal opinion that Don’t Believe The Truth was a low point for the brilliant British band, you too may enjoy it, as it has some stylistic similarities but drops the unnecessary acoustic adoration.

This is a superb album, a return to form and one which I may recommend without regret. Compared to the mire of mediocrity that was their previous effort, Oasis have indeed dug out their soul.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars