Zogby speaks on young voters at Cosford

John Zogby, one of the nation’s top pollsters, spoke at the Cosford Cinema on Thursday about the upcoming presidential election and his new book, The Way We’ll Be.

“I’m not sure how many young people read position papers or newspapers day in and day out,” Zogby said. He believes young voters are especially influenced by image, issues of trust and character. “There is much more involvement [from young voters] this year. The Internet and social networking have made a substantial difference.”

Zogby thinks that voters aged 18 to 29 will have a high voter turn-out this year. If young voters can reach 19 percent of the vote, which Zogby believes they have a good chance of doing, they will equal the number of votes cast by the senior citizens, the group perceived to have the highest turnout.

Zogby’s appearance was the latest part of the “A Dialogue for Democracy” series. The next event in the series is a concert by Bruce Hornsby, followed by a presentation by well-known political analysts James Carville and Mary Matalin on Oct. 28.