Ibis Ride to resume Halloween service

The Halloween Ibis Ride is back.

After one year of cancelations, the University of Miami, through a joint effort by Student Government and the administration, will provide students with shuttles to Coconut Grove to enjoy Halloween festivities.

The Halloween ride will pick students up from Stanford Circle at 10 p.m. to take them to Coconut Grove. It will leave Coconut Grove for campus at 1 a.m. The buses will leave at 1 a.m. to better handle traffic.

Students wishing to ride this bus must sign up at the University Center info desk from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday. There are 500 seats available.

“These seats are expected to go very fast,” said Brandon Gross, the Student Government president.

A student needs to bring their Cane Card to load the bus.

There will be a police presence at both the departure and arrival points of the buses. Members of the executive board of SG will ride each one of the ten buses.

The amount of buses was limited by cost. The ten buses will cost $10,000.

A similar plan of 10 buses for 500 students was submitted by SG last year but was rejected.

This plan had the buses leaving at 9 p.m. and returning at 2 a.m. The cost was estimated to be between $12,000 to $15,000 according to previous SG President Danny Carvajal.

Patricia A. Whitely, the vice president for Student Affairs, did not want to provide shuttles to Coconut Grove in the middle of the week last year and interrupt students’ academics.

This year Halloween falls on a Friday, a day that already has regularly planned Ibis Rides. The Halloween shuttles will be chartered buses from American Coach.

In 2006, the Halloween Ride was canceled as around a hundred students rushed the bus in an unruly manner. No one was hurt but this incident made the Dean of Students office from a committee to reassess the Halloween Ibis Ride.