Miami strikes Fool’s Gold with free show

Few things define the city of Miami like house music. Cuban food and attractive people come close, but house music is essential in the sexy, sweaty Miami. As of late, most clubs have added house rooms to provide a sonic change from the typical hip-hop room, and more and more people are hopping on the electronic bandwagon.

So, what could be more fitting than a free house music showcase from one of the genre’s premier labels, Fool’s Gold Records? Well, to be frank – not much. Not much at all.

Fool’s Gold Records is home to some of house music’s most innovative DJs, including A-Trak, Nick Catchdubs, Jokers of the Scene, Nacho Lovers, Treasure Fingers and Sammy Bananas, among others. These DJs pride themselves on bringing music that may be under people’s radars, and making it so darn danceable that you just might break out your stepping shoes while listening to them during a casual game of mahjong.

By blending everything from hip-hop to electro to house anthems, the Fool’s Gold boys are putting a new touch on what DJing is becoming and what it could be. As co-founder A-Trak describes it, Fool’s Gold is a “label where we can release GLC and Kid Sister side-to-side without it being a stretch – and what’s great with Fool’s Gold is that it’s not forced, since we’re all just friends putting out each other’s music.”

With Fool’s Gold, there’s no stretch at all. With artists like the genre-futzing Kid Cudi and the most innovative female rapper since Misdemeanor – Kid Sister – the label exclusively introduces new and eclectic sounds to the misinformed masses.

So, if all of this description is getting you more excited than 13-year-olds watching softcore, don’t fret! Fool’s Gold will be satiating Miami’s music fans-in-the-know next Tuesday at the White Room with a completely free event that will serve as the first stop on their CD release tour. The show is open to those 18 years of age and older.

The album, entitled Scion CD Sampler Version 22: Fool’s Gold Remixed, is a two-disc compilation of both “brand-new remixes of Fool’s Gold artists by everyone from Chromeo to Surkin to Jori Hulkkonen” and some of the label’s “biggest tracks from the past year.”

Label co-founder Nick Catchdubs discussed how the collaboration came about: “Scion’s been doing a ton of music projects lately, but have done it all in a smart and subtle way that isn’t about slapping a logo all over everything – it’s one of the main reasons we agreed to work with them.”

Earlier this year, Fool’s Gold Records came to White Room for an event during the Winter Music Conference, and with and an overly-packed crowd in the palm of their record-scratching hands, tore the mother-effing roof down like it was nobody’s business. And, you can expect just about the same from their party next week.

If you’re concerned that silly little 18-year-olds will cramp your style, or even your 2-step, Fool’s Gold DJ Treasure Fingers assures the little ones bring a positive element to the show. “18-plus parties always have a crazy vibe – the younger kids go a little wilder it seems – and when it’s free you know the club is automatically going to be insanely packed.”

The party goes from 10 p.m. to 4 in the morning, so make sure you get a good day’s sleep before the event so you can at least put in a believable effort to make it to class on Wednesday. Who ever said Tuesday wasn’t a party night?

Make sure you RSVP to ensure entry into the event. Check out for more info.