In response to Jenna King

When I read Jenna King’s opinion piece, I could barely believe the pity party that she threw for the Republican party. Despite her line of thinking, media bias is not the only reason why the Republican Party, and John McCain in particular, is unpopular. Give voters some credit — not all Democrats are mindless drones who take CNN at face value. Some voters actually take the time to look at issues, and this is why John McCain is doing poorly in national polls.

Yes, Sen. McCain has served in government for a much longer period of time than Barack Obama, but this does not equal success. In fact, his 26 years as a congressman are exactly the reason why I will not be voting for Sen. McCain this November. As a woman, I find his position on access to reproductive healthcare to be extremely unsettling. As well, he refused to vote for legislation that would give women equal pay in the workforce, and he also voted (twice!) against a landmark anti-domestic violence act. The Violence Against Women Act, which was actually drafted by Joe Biden, protects women against rape and assault and provides funding to organizations that help women and children in abusive situations. But perhaps Ms. King is fine with having a president who thinks that marital or date rape shouldn’t be punished severely.

Women’s issues are not the only area where Sen. McCain’s 26 year record does not serve him well. For example, Sen. McCain’s record on healthcare is not pretty. He voted against providing health insurance to needy children through the bipartisan SCHIP program and also voted against measures to increase consumer access to privatized healthcare. His insistence on market-based health care plans will continue to leave millions without coverage. Ms. King wants someone who has “real experience with domestic and foreign affairs.” But if that experience shows such a poor voting record, is John McCain really a better option than the newcomer?

– Sivan Goobich