Clearing the record on Republicans

Republicans love war. Republicans only care about the rich. Republicans are crazy religious fanatics. Republicans are at fault for all problems in America.

All of this MUST be true, seeing as it’s what is shoved down our throats by the media and Internet bloggers. We Republicans would have to be complete idiots to support a man who has spent his entire life serving his country both domestically and abroad, instead of a junior senator that spent a whole two years in federal office before he decided he wanted to be president. We must be insane to back a man who has shown through his voting record and through his 26 years of work in both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate that he actually has reached across the aisle, instead of a man who, according to his voting record [ed. note: an analysis of his record done by National Journal], is the most liberal member of the Senate. And of course, it would obviously be stupid not to follow a man who has said time and time again that he wants major change in Washington, and then picks a 36-year member of the senate for his running mate. Yeah, we’re the crazy ones.

Throughout this roller-coaster we’ve called an election season, I’ve sat in my classes here at UM and listened to (and sometimes rather fervently participated in) debates over who would be a better leader for our country. And over and over again I hear people say things like “John McCain is so old” or “John McCain is just another George W. Bush.” First off, McCain is not going to just keel over tomorrow. He has survived a grueling campaign trail, and has a mother who is alive and kicking in her nineties. The man has good genes. Secondly, would people please stop blaming an entire party for one man’s actions? I mean, honestly… yes, Republicans have messed up in some big ways, but so have Democrats. Democrats have controlled Congress for about two years now, and you can look at Wall Street to see their amazing ability to lead. If you blame Bush for all the things wrong in this country, you’re giving him ENTIRELY too much credit. He’s not that cool.

Now, do I wish John McCain were a more fiery speaker? Sure. But I’m not looking for a fancy orator in a sharp suit for my leader. I want someone who has real experience with domestic and foreign affairs and has the record to prove it. Yes, in the recent debates, he has looked stiff in comparison to Obama. However, do you know why? It’s because his bones were broken so many times while a POW during Vietnam that he can’t lift his arms past his shoulders, a constant reminder of all that he has sacrificed for the sake of our freedoms. This is a man who could have hidden from the world when he came back to America after five years of torture, but instead, he took it upon himself to go to Washington and continue standing up for his beliefs.

Then again, why should you listen to me about any of this? I’m just a gun-loving, rich, ignorant warmonger that doesn’t know my foot from my face. Or at least, that’s what CNN tells me.