Clearing the record on Republicans

Republicans love war. Republicans only care about the rich. Republicans are crazy religious fanatics. Republicans are at fault for all problems in America.

All of this MUST be true, seeing as it’s what is shoved down our throats by the media and Internet bloggers. We Republicans would have to be complete idiots to support a man who has spent his entire life serving his country both domestically and abroad, instead of a junior senator that spent a whole two years in federal office before he decided he wanted to be president. We must be insane to back a man who has shown through his voting record and through his 26 years of work in both the House of Representatives and the United States Senate that he actually has reached across the aisle, instead of a man who, according to his voting record [ed. note: an analysis of his record done by National Journal], is the most liberal member of the Senate. And of course, it would obviously be stupid not to follow a man who has said time and time again that he wants major change in Washington, and then picks a 36-year member of the senate for his running mate. Yeah, we’re the crazy ones.

Throughout this roller-coaster we’ve called an election season, I’ve sat in my classes here at UM and listened to (and sometimes rather fervently participated in) debates over who would be a better leader for our country. And over and over again I hear people say things like “John McCain is so old” or “John McCain is just another George W. Bush.” First off, McCain is not going to just keel over tomorrow. He has survived a grueling campaign trail, and has a mother who is alive and kicking in her nineties. The man has good genes. Secondly, would people please stop blaming an entire party for one man’s actions? I mean, honestly… yes, Republicans have messed up in some big ways, but so have Democrats. Democrats have controlled Congress for about two years now, and you can look at Wall Street to see their amazing ability to lead. If you blame Bush for all the things wrong in this country, you’re giving him ENTIRELY too much credit. He’s not that cool.

Now, do I wish John McCain were a more fiery speaker? Sure. But I’m not looking for a fancy orator in a sharp suit for my leader. I want someone who has real experience with domestic and foreign affairs and has the record to prove it. Yes, in the recent debates, he has looked stiff in comparison to Obama. However, do you know why? It’s because his bones were broken so many times while a POW during Vietnam that he can’t lift his arms past his shoulders, a constant reminder of all that he has sacrificed for the sake of our freedoms. This is a man who could have hidden from the world when he came back to America after five years of torture, but instead, he took it upon himself to go to Washington and continue standing up for his beliefs.

Then again, why should you listen to me about any of this? I’m just a gun-loving, rich, ignorant warmonger that doesn’t know my foot from my face. Or at least, that’s what CNN tells me.

October 12, 2008


Jenna King

Contributing Columnist

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  1. J.Amerika says:

    Jenna King:
    Being one who didn’t drink the “kool-aid” I applaud your position and wish you godspeed in all your efforts to keep the truth alive. This election turn this country into an “obamanation”. How does a marcsist socialist go about running a
    capitolistic democratic country and still keep our constitution in tact? This is’nt going to be pretty. I couldn’t be more proud of your stand on this issue if you were my own daughter…ooops you are! Keep fighting the good fight, it’s worth it.

  2. Rodrick Fantom says:

    If each person has his or her own mind, zoo, then how can you generalize that republicans don’t hang out in libraries and all they want are more hummers, guns and churches. You have some serious thinking to do, young man. What you need is a time-out in the corner of a library that has banned every book but one, Brave New World. Ignorance is bliss my friend.

  3. zoo says:

    Um… crappy library systems are what republicans are all about! Palin wanted to ban so many books at the library in wasilla and intimidated the librarian. Palin wanted to shut down a museum that didn’t tow the line w/ creationism. Libraries are where free thinkers hang out, not Republicans. Republicans want more mega churches and football stadiums. Republicans don’t want bike paths, they want more hummers and hunters. Jason, where have you been this campaign season! Don’t be a doubter. Of course I know something you don’t. Each person has her own mind and I’m sure you can’t know what I am thinking this very second.

  4. Jason says:


    Quick question… are you insinuating that the crappy library system and lack of bike paths is something that conservatives stand for? last time I checked, neither are in the republican party platform. Granted, you may know something I don’t, but I highly doubt it. highly.


  5. Meredith says:

    Hey Rodrick, I think it’s ignorant of you to call others ignorant because you fail to realize that there exists a diversity of opinion as to what constitutes liberal or conservative. Just because someone disagrees with something that is so undefinable doesn’t make them ignorant. Why don’t you keep your eyes open? Living in Miami, it sure doesn’t feel like liberal Amsterdam or Vanouver, BC to me! Miami is a fairly conservative city in a conservative state. Until recently, in Miami Beach, it was illegal to fly rainbow flags. Homosexuals cannot adopt children. Marijuana is not decriminalised. There is no public transportation. Where’s the gay community center? Why is there no gay pride in Miami? The public library system sucks! Where is the homeless shelter in Miami Beach? Why are there no bike paths? I think you need to get out a little Rodrick and quite calling people ignorant.

  6. Rodrick Fantom says:

    Jerals, don’t be ignorant. This campus is as leftist as Obama. I certainly am no republican, nor am I a democrat. Just keep your eyes open. And since when has South Florida been “in the deep south”? Although our mayor is a republican and many Cuban immigrants are republicans, don’t try and gain anyones pity. It almost sounds pathetic.



  7. Jerals says:

    The Univeristy of Miami, like the city of Miami, is actually quite conservative. Miami is in the deep south and was segregated and is full of cuban american Republicans. The mayor of Miami is a Republican. University of Miami is not Brown or U of Chicago or Berkeley. Most students come from upper middle class Republican middle America backgrounds and are not political activists. There are tons of Republicans on campus. Fortunately, many of them are really apathetic and so they don’t do too much damage despite their conservative leanings.

  8. Tom says:

    Yes, there is College Republicans on campus. You can look them up on google “UMiami College Repubicans” or on the Umiami.edu Web site, in the search bar on the upper right corner of the page.

    They plan events pretty often and can add you to the e-mail contact list that will tell you events happening every so often.

    Don’t worry. There are a lot more Republicans around campus than you think. The liberals just have big mouths.

  9. Adam says:


    I’m a little surprised you we’re allowed to write column. If you’re not towing the usual liberal line you’re usually either shut out, or placed on page 70! Keep fighting!

    I have a question for any of the conservatives/republicans here at UM. Is there a campus organization anywhere? If so I would really like to attend.

  10. _ says:

    FISA, Launching a Campaign out of a National Terrorist’s House, Cocaine, Bail-out Vote; Campaign Money from Known Terrorists; Why doesn’t your beloved candidate address that Jeral?

  11. Jerals says:

    Did McCain sacrifice when he cheated on his wife in Brazil or when he ditched his disabled wife for a heroin addicted beer heiress or when he graduated at the bottom of his class? Did he sacrifice dumping napalm and white phosphorous on innocent people in Southeast Asia? Did he sacrifice by trying to compromise and come to a peaceful solution with Iran when he sang bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran? Did he sacrifice when he said he would have to look further into it before saying whether or not the VA Republican party leader was wrong to make associations between Barack and Osama bin Laden? I think not. McCain is a violent, unhinged, fascist militarist. I hope he loses in a landslide.

  12. Thank you Jenna King. Very nice position and example of sound reasoning in the world of demagogic journalism.
    John St.George
    St.George Productions
    Plantation, Florida

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