Weekend Playlist 4.0

“I Hustle” – Y.P.: This street-inspiring anthem is set over a melodic, 1920s-sounding beat that will definitely catch you off guard. This song is perfect for a lax weekend moment when you kick back with some wine and perhaps another tool of relaxation.

“Let it Rock” – Kevin Rudolph feat. Lil’ Wayne: Cash Money’s first rock artist is quickly making a name for himself with this hard-hitting track featuring a (thank the music gods) vocoder-free Weezy.

“Body On Me” – Nelly feat. Ashanti & Akon: Darn it, Akon, when will you sing a pseudo-sexual hook that I don’t end up singing to myself for hours on end? Nelly and his boo Ashanti join Akon for a catchy jam that should end in someone rubbing their body on you.

“Mr. Alladatshit” – Kidz in the Hall feat. Chip Tha Ripper: Turn this up and enjoy a refreshingly positive track from some lesser-known conscious rappers. Not sure yet? Rapper Naledge says this song will have you feeling “higher than giraffe pussy.” What else do you need for a great weekend?

“Windows Media Player” – Charles Hamilton: When is the last time you heard samples of computer sounds for an entire track? I’d say the day before never. Either way, enjoy the wordplay and singing that will have you looking crazy and singing “CharlesHamilton.blogspot.com” around campus.

Bonus swagger-packed jam: “Swagga Like Us” – T.I., Kanye West, Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne: “Mr. West is in the building/Swagger sitting on a hundred thousand trillion/I know I got it first I’m Christopher Columbus/Y’all ni**as Pilgrims.” “Gotta bop like this/Can’t wear skinny jeans because my nuts don’t fit.” “My jewels – blue and yellow/The type of shit that make them call you Carmelo.” Got enough quotables? Go download this already!