As an Alaskan, I know how she is

As an Alaskan, I urge you to vote against McCain/Palin in the upcoming election. Vice presidents matter; they become presidents and influence policy.

If you do not want World War III, do not let a hotheaded poser with no understanding of world affairs to negotiate with hostile nations. Palin’s cavalier attitude when describing what she would do with countries like Russia or Iran is scary. Seeing a stretch of Russia’s far north from afar does not mean that Palin can deal with foreign conflicts.

As a vice president, Palin will work closely with McCain to improve the economy. The economy is not McCain’s strong suit and Palin likes to throw money around like it grows on trees.

Contrary to what she says now, Palin supported both “bridges to nowhere.” When Palin became the mayor of Wasilla, the city had no debt. It DOES now.

Palin pretends to be an expert on the nation’s energy needs. She has done nothing significant to reduce Alaska’s dependence on oil during her years as governor.

She lacks vision, expertise, and the foresight to solve the energy crisis facing the U.S. I believe in God, but do not want a person who is arrogant enough to claim that they know exactly what God says governing my country. Palin assumes that she hears God telling her to send young boys to Iraq.

Let her stay in Alaska, shoot moose, build pipelines, and raise children; leave governing the country to someone who has a chance of saving the economy even if they don’t have great legs.

-Mariya Lovishchuk