Our opinion: Get out and vote already!

In recent election years, candidates have unsuccessfully put a tremendous amount of effort into getting the youth to vote. Whether because of apathy or ignorance, each election rolls around and both parties are disappointed with the number of eligible voters, age 18-34, that do not vote. Now more than ever, this demographic is being targeted not only to vote, but to genuinely understand the issues.

This is a big election with big issues.  This must be understood. As college students, we should feel obligated to become informed. Only we, as individuals, are responsible for that. Unlike the last several elections, this is not a situation where we must pick the lesser of two evils.

In the coming years we will deal with two ongoing wars, the largest economic crisis of our time and a host of other issues. Our choice can change the direction of our country, and of our world.

The university has made it maddeningly easy to vote, as have Get Out the Vote programs. Take advantage of this.

Living in Florida for this election is of utmost importance as well. As a swing state, the fourth most important in the country, the Sunshine State will be a heavy factor in deciding the path of our nation.

If you live in the northeast or the west coast, your state is probably blue. If you’re from the south, you’re probably red all over. Florida is a toss-up, so voting here rather than absentee in New York, for example, could have more impact on the outcome. If you’re planning on voting absentee, reconsider your registration, knowing that your single vote can be more powerful here. 

When Nov. 4 rolls around, don’t just say whatever. We very well may be the deciding factor in the upcoming presidential election.