Women’s rights and abortion are not synonyms

Wonderful.  Yet another article using “women’s rights” and “abortion” as near synonyms.

Before you accuse me of bias, I am not a Republican. I have doubts about Sarah Palin’s qualifications for the White House, especially when it comes to foreign policy. I may be voting third party.

That being said, Morten Hoi Jensen’s article promotes a counter-productive philosophy. The attitude he espouses has alienated pro-life feminists whose convictions are based not on “religious fanaticism,” but on scientific evidence that a fetus is not a mere extension of the mother’s body. It has misunderstood the needs of women impregnated by rape, 75-85% of whom give birth. Studies suggest that they do so in part because they see abortion as another act of violence against their bodies (http://afterabortion.org/rape.html). Worst of all, abortion has eclipsed issues that all women could rally behind, such as equal pay and the prevention of sexual assault.

The feminist movement is in serious need of reform. Mr. Jensen’s editorial didn’t help.

Kelsey Hazzard (’10)