Our Opinion: Pick-up spots are bases for developing relationships

In this issue, students answer the question of which are the most popular places to “pick up” companions. While it’s certainly an interesting topic, the more interesting question may be why. Why do we hook up? What determines whom we’re attracted to? These questions have been posed for centuries without a truly satisfactory answer. Some say we’re attracted to people with similar traits to our parents, and some say it’s completely random.

The time between your freshman and senior years are times of important development in everyone’s life. It sets the course you’re going to travel and, in some cases, the pace of your maturity. One thing you should realize is that you control you.  No one else can make you act the way you do, both in an academic and sexual environment.

Everyone reaches the point in their life where they ask themselves, “what do I want in a partner?”

If it’s casual sex you’re looking for, make it interesting. There are plenty of locations around campus to “get to know” your new friend in privacy. If you’re into that public sex thing, hit the stacks for some real (clichéd) intimacy.

But not everyone is comfortable with the ol’ “hit and run.” Relationships are bound to develop among students, especially on campus, living in such close proximity. It’s not hard to get to know someone when you have the opportunity to spend every free moment together. 

Fortunately, promiscuity is not a factor at the University of Miami. Girls tend to find a “hubby” as soon as they get to school and never let go. That is, if you’ve never been to South Beach, or the Grove, or spring break, etc. You would never hear a highly sophisticated UM student shout, “she’s a ho fo’ sho’.”

Think back to your most recent hook-up. What sparked that flame that led you two back to the bedroom? For the guys out there, it may just be that her obvious implants and Hollywood curves drew you in close enough to buy her a drink. For the girls, maybe it is because he bought you that drink.

Whatever the reason was, there are some implicit factors that go into “hooking up.” When you catch eyes with that cutie across the bar, something down below might get a little tingly. It’s because you think they are attracted to you. Who doesn’t want that kind of attention? It makes you feel good, important and noticed.