Our Opinion: Adderall not to be ignored

The long-time debate over performance enhancing drugs has finally bridged the gap between athletics and academics. While Barry Bonds defends his position on steroid use, thousands of college students continue to consume Adderall, the infamous performance-enhancing drug that will raise your GPA from 2.0 to a 4.0 in the blink of an eye (results may vary).

“Addy,” as it is sometimes referred to on the streets, is spreading throughout college campuses nationwide. A controlled substance prescribed to those with ADHD, it has given an income to those who are prescribed it and has infested the minds of those who are not. 

If you find yourself consistently taking the pill as a study aid, chances are you’ll end up using it as a crutch for the simplest of tasks, such as washing dishes or doing laundry. That is when it has gone too far – especially if a doctor has not prescribed it.  

But if you can legally obtain this miraculous pill, you are probably well aware of the financial benefits that may follow. The entire operation of an Adderall “provider” revolves around midterms and final exams. Prices are jacked up 500% to 10 and sometimes 20 dollars per pill.

The library is chockfull of eager students searching for their magic pill. You can sit at a table outside of Richter and watch transactions occur right under your nose. It’s incredibly obvious and sometimes seems as if the participants don’t know the legal implications surrounding it.

We mean not to diminish Adderall entirely. Those who use it legally reap incredible benefits, allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest. But that’s precisely what it is: an aid to those who need it, not an enhancer to those who just can’t stand  studying for their economics final.

To put it simply, know and use Adderall for what it is – a drug. If you’re not prescribed it legally, you’re not using it to be a better student: you’re a drug user. And if you’re abusing your prescription to feed others’ habits, you’re a drug dealer. 

Easy enough, right?