Fashion 4Word

Embellished Rain Boots

Whimsical designs and bright colors take the lead when the raindrops fall in Miami. Students brave the unpleasant weather by sporting embellished rain boots, bringing a little fun and a splash of color to an otherwise dreary day. Walking from one class to the next, many different shades, patterns and styles can be spotted. Burberry print boots were recently popular, as were vibrantly colored boots with polka dots. Whether worn simply to combat the many puddles on campus, or to express yourself through fashion, these fun rain boots definitely add flair to any outfit.

White V-Neck Tees

The simple white v-neck tee has taken UM by storm. Worn with shorts, they appear effortlessly cool and of the moment. However, it is important to keep in mind that fit is key with this wardrobe staple. The shirt must fall loosely for the casual yet chic effect so many Miami students crave. Be sure to add accessories to lend some color and fun detailing. Throw on a few bright bangles for a cool take on this look or opt for pearl earrings for a classy prep school vibe. This popular t-shirt is produced by many brands, such as Hanes and American Apparel, and ranges in price from $12- $20.

Bookstore Chic

School spirit is abundant at the University of Miami. Students show their pride by sporting UM t-shirts and apparel around campus. Not a single day goes by without a sighting of a bright orange tee or a backwards baseball cap with the signature “U.” However, the most common type of UM apparel is by far the free t-shirt. Distributed at orientation and many other events around campus, the free UM t-shirt is handy for students to throw on while rushing to class or the gym. As an added bonus, most students have about 300 different styles of these tees, so one is almost guaranteed to be clean.


Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend, as most females on the UM campus can always be sighted with a cellphone in hand. Talking, texting, or just carrying it from one class to the next, cell phones have become a necessity for the male population as well. The most popular cells are those on the cutting edge like the iPhone or the Blackberry. Since so many people have similar looking phones, adding style to your cellular appendage is a must. Covers to both protect and add flair to cell phones are common on campus. With many options available, from hard or flexible covers to bright or muted tones, it is easy to customize your cell phone to represent your personality.