Letter to the Editor: Response to Mr. Heacock

In response to Mr. Heacock:

I find it nothing short of hilarious that Mr. Heacock would proclaim himself a patriot and then openly boast of his own complacency with the very things he admonishes. He spends an entire article whining about what he perceives to be wrong with the country, then calls for others to do as he does and sit on his hands when the chance to change it arises?

I think Thomas Jefferson might have had more than words with you, sir.

Oh, but I must say, my favorite part of your rhetoric rant was, and I quote, “Exactly what will Obama bring? More socialism? More wars? Less freedom? Sounds like more of the same to me.”

Obviously your high school English teacher failed you, so I will enlighten: Real writers use sources. Where did you happen to pull those from? More socialism, wars, and less freedom? Did you suffer an aneurysm while writing that piece? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did; reading it almost gave me one.

So yes, good readers, the lesson here is this: If you see something wrong, don’t do anything about it. Convince yourself there is nothing you can do about it, and wander about in a state of complete apathy while at the same time professing that you are aware of it. With that I pose this: Is there a more vulgar violation of liberty than failing to utilize it?

Granted, the political system is anything but ideal. I would be hard pressed to be convinced otherwise. But if spouting random, incoherent statements about a candidate seeking to represent you and then calling for a boycott of the very system this country was founded on is the solution, I’ll keep my tinfoil hat on, thank you.

Trust me, Mr. Heacock: stick to finance.

– Paul Petrequin, first year law student