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Letter to the Editor: Response to Mr. Heacock

In response to Mr. Heacock:

I find it nothing short of hilarious that Mr. Heacock would proclaim himself a patriot and then openly boast of his own complacency with the very things he admonishes. He spends an entire article whining about what he perceives to be wrong with the country, then calls for others to do as he does and sit on his hands when the chance to change it arises?

I think Thomas Jefferson might have had more than words with you, sir.

Oh, but I must say, my favorite part of your rhetoric rant was, and I quote, “Exactly what will Obama bring? More socialism? More wars? Less freedom? Sounds like more of the same to me.”

Obviously your high school English teacher failed you, so I will enlighten: Real writers use sources. Where did you happen to pull those from? More socialism, wars, and less freedom? Did you suffer an aneurysm while writing that piece? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did; reading it almost gave me one.

So yes, good readers, the lesson here is this: If you see something wrong, don’t do anything about it. Convince yourself there is nothing you can do about it, and wander about in a state of complete apathy while at the same time professing that you are aware of it. With that I pose this: Is there a more vulgar violation of liberty than failing to utilize it?

Granted, the political system is anything but ideal. I would be hard pressed to be convinced otherwise. But if spouting random, incoherent statements about a candidate seeking to represent you and then calling for a boycott of the very system this country was founded on is the solution, I’ll keep my tinfoil hat on, thank you.

Trust me, Mr. Heacock: stick to finance.

– Paul Petrequin, first year law student

September 14, 2008


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Letter to the Editor

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  1. THE HULK OF SPPT says:


  2. Paul says:

    First of all, to clarify, let me start by apologizing to Tim. My comments were very belittling and it was not my intention at all to come off sounding like such a pompous bully, which I did. I am completely against the suppression of ideas, and it was not my place to try and put his into a lockbox.
    Secondly, Scott, in my defense, our second day was cancelled due to Hurricane Fay, so I did miss that lecture. They’re supposed to reschedule it sometime, but it’s still pending.

    In regards to Obama, let me get my plug out of the way: I won’t make it a secret that I rabidly support him. I’m from North Carolina and had the opportunity to campaign and do work for him last fall in NC, SC and eastern TN. Having seen him speak at several venues and meeting him personally, I truly do believe he is going to lead this country to great things and not subvert or undermine the constitution while doing so.
    Apart from his religious and idealistic principles, his policies regarding this nation are far more extensive and detailed than his opponent, and include more sensible, diplomatic solutions. It’s no secret he does want to redeploy much of our armed forces into Afghanistan, but doing so will help to secure what we failed to finish there, as well as help to drive back a resurfacing Taliban.
    Now, this isn’t to say we need to go marching around the world and dictating policies with our military, as this administration has had us done. And I for one don’t lose sleep every night terrified of the threat of a nuclear holocaust.
    What I look for, and what I have seen in Obama, is sensible, level-headed leadership and a vision that America can be great once again. Having volunteered for his campaign and talked to many other volunteers our age, there are many others that feel the same way.
    While I can’t comment intelligently on what Jefferson may have said or done, all I can say is that America has been given a great opportunity to redeem itself to a lot of its own citizens, as well as other nations on a global stage.
    However, regardless of politics or views, my main point is I disagree with inaction. I strongly encourage everyone, regardless of view, to find a candidate to support and get involved. Educate yourself and put time in to make a difference, that’s change I think we can all agree on.

  3. Scott says:

    Jefferson was not only against the Constitution, he felt from very early in the Washington administration that the Federal Government was already violating the principles of the revolution.

    More than likely he would not only have agreed with Tim, but would have called for much harsher measures than Tim does.

    The founders in fact so feared a strong central government – such as we have today – that through a very long period of deliberations the best they could agree on was the Articles of Confederation. And we all know how well that worked out.

    “Real writers use sources,” just as real lawyers gather ‘research’ prior to making their argument.

    I believe they teach that on Day 2 of Law School.

  4. Pete says:

    Great response, Paul.

    Tim, you really just need to stop digging yourself that grave and quit trying to sound intelligent.

  5. Tim Heacock says:

    Ouch. First of all, I urged people to not vote for either of the two major candidates, Obama and McCain. Perhaps my words weren’t clear enough. The title of the article after all was “the lesser of two evils is still evil.” Voting is important and so I will write in someone. I recommend voting all incumbents out and voting for a third party for president to send Washington a message. I should have said this in the article.

    Also, nowhere did I say to do nothing about these problems as you admonish me. I said to not vote for either Obama or McCain as they will bring about no change from the status quo.

    “Calling for a boycott of the very system this country was founded on.” Maybe you should stick to law as history is not your forte. This country was founded as 13 “Free and Independent States” according to the Declaration of Independence. The ideals fought for in the Revolution were enshrined in that piece of paper. America was founded without a president. So you’re right when you say “Jefferson might have had more than words with” me. He would join me as his own words state “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish” their government when it violates liberty. Don’t think that people can use just votes to alter the government, the reality is far from that.

    I do thank you for the personal attacks, though. I apologize for not including sources for my claims about Obama, however it is hard to cite things in a 450 word opinion piece. I gleaned his positions straight from his website and distilled them into a few sentences. I will be happy to do another article detailing Obama’s paltform. But for starters, he is for withdrawing troops from Iraq and putting them in Afghanistan and also expanding the war in Afghanistan into Pakistan. He is for war against Iran if they continue to try acquiring a nuclear weapon. Obama plans to add almost 100,000 troops to our military. Our military is already too big to do its mission: protect America. But nowadays politicians think we should police the whole world, a task that will bankrupt our nation. He is also for the war on drugs, which I find particularly heinous.

    As for socialism I think that is self explanatory. Obama favors national health care, he supported the nationalization of Fannie and Freddie, and he would love to tax the rich more. In fact, part of his energy plan is to tax the “windfall profits” of oil companies and give $1,000 dollars to “middle-class families.” Great, so he plans to reduce the supply of oil and increase demand for it, sounds like a good way to increase gas prices yet more.

    Obama wishes to raise the minimum wage more (price control that causes unemployment) and kill freedom of contract even further by forcing companies to work with unions. I could go on and on just by looking at his website.

    When will people understand that socialism does not work? Have the lessons of the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, and North Korea not been learned? A free economy is the best way to advance living standards for all as a cursory look at history will show.

    Less freedom goes hand in hand with larger government as government power is the antithesis of liberty. Looking at his website shows Obama is offering the people just about everything: free education, health care, saving the environment, saving the family farm, and ending poverty all across the world, etc.

    The problem I have with presidents promising these things is that presidents aren’t supposed to make policy, they are supposed to enforce the laws the legislature makes and defend the Constitution. The Constitution has long since failed in its mission to restrain the federal government. Perhaps more than just a piece of paper is necessary to do so.

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