The lesser of two evils is still evil

If, as Laura Edwins hopes (The Battle for America), Barack Obama and his ideas are “the future of America” then I am deeply worried about our already bleak prospects. No, I am not just some dumb, racist redneck, nor am I afraid to embrace the messiah’s empty gospel of hope and change I am told I can, but refuse to, believe in. I am simply an American patriot who scoffs at the idea of someone telling me how to live my life and spend my hard earned though increasingly worthless money. 

The government already infects virtually every aspect of our lives so, tell me, which part of Obama’s platform is truly a change from ever increasing government power? How is this change when I will lose yet more freedoms and the completely unproductive and parasitic part of our crumbling economy will take yet more of my wealth to squander on its bloated welfare-warfare state? 

What has happened to this land which spawned such heroic defenders of liberty as Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and H.L. Mencken? There are so many dead bodies rolling in their graves, the tremors make your head spin if you dare think about how badly we messed up this country. The depredations and abuses committed daily by our massive government would make George III blush. 

Exactly what change will Obama bring? More socialism? More wars? Less freedom? Sounds like more of the same to me. Real change would be just the opposite: drastically slash government spending and taxes, remove troops from all foreign lands, deregulate the economy, and end the inflationary fiat monetary regime. Of course, the two parties squabble over petty wedge issues to delude the American people, but their game is in plain view for anyone who cares to look.  

Americans are either masochistic to put up with such outrageous violations of liberty, or maybe we have just become stupid from sitting in government schools for 12 years, losing the essential ability to question those in power and think for ourselves. Either way, the future of freedom in America appears dark indeed and perhaps we need a large dose of destructive socialism to get our pathetic minds to realize we’ve all been had by the false promises of lying and hypocritical demagogues. 

It’s actually kind of funny in a sadistic way, watching the circus that is American politics, where professional liars are raised to levels gods could only hope to occupy, where gullible voters are presented a false choice between two equally vile human beings who lust for absolute power over others. So I urge all to join me on Nov. 4 as I watch the sadly laughable spectacle from the sidelines, not casting my vote for either fraud while America inevitably ushers in no change, but merely slaps a new face on the status quo.