It’s time for some action… N*E*R*D Style

“It’s time for some action,” whisper the boys of N*E*R*D on the first track of their most recent release, Seeing Sounds. Just three months after the album’s drop, the members of N*E*R*D have been touring the world and dancing on stages with sexy women like it’s their day job – and unfortunately for all of us dreamers, it is. The hip-hop generation’s very first rock stars are enjoying their unbelievable popularity, and before long they’ll be bringing their high-octane live show to the University of Miami! 

That’s right, N*E*R*D will be the headlining act at this year’s Hurricane Howl concert, taking place on Oct. 24 at 9:30 p.m. Just one year after Hurricane Productions brought the relatively mellow sounds of Talib Kweli and Robert Randolph to the University Green, they’ve enlisted Kidz in the Hall to open for the ridiculously rambunctious N*E*R*D. 

For those unfamiliar with the band, it consists of three members: Chad Hugo, keyboardist and producer extraordinaire; Pharrell Williams, frontman, singer/songwriter and lead dancer; and Shay Haley, rapper, singer and drummer. The trio has been together since 2001, and has released three albums to date – In Search Of in 2002, Fly or Die in 2003 and the aforementioned Seeing Sounds in June of 2008. 

Though Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams were longtime collaborators before N*E*R*D, as production duo The Neptunes, they picked up Shay along the way and got out from behind the boards to create an entirely new sound. And it seems as though every member brings a very unique vibe to the group. Pharrell comes from a very hip-hop influenced background, so his rapping and stage presence definitely shine through during his sets. Meanwhile, Chad is certainly the quiet one of the bunch and sticks to concocting tracks for Pharrell and Shay to go wild on. Shay’s story is relatively unknown, but his creative lyricism meshes perfectly between Pharrell’s singing and Chad’s production. 

Though the group has been classified as everything from funk to rap-rock, they’ve escaped labels and genre and have created music that’s simply equipped with hard-knocking production, catchy lyricism and enough exciting melodies that ensure at least one mosh pit at their shows. 

With that being said, expect a rowdy evening. After all, this is going to be a rock concert, so if you were at Talib Kweli and nearly fainted because somebody smudged your Pumas while they two-stepped, stay in your dorm room and try to catch the sounds of N*E*R*D through your window. Otherwise, throw on some attire you wouldn’t mind getting thrown in the dirt in, and be prepared to mosh! Also, feel free to get inebriated before the show, it might make things go a little bit smoother (or a little more violent, depending on what kind of individual you are). 

According to trusty encyclopedia Wikipedia, N*E*R*D stands for No-one Ever Really Dies – meaning that an individual’s energy comes from their soul. So bring your soul, your energy, your dancing shoes and even a hot date to this year’s homecoming show, and N*E*R*D will be sure to leave you seeing sounds.