Keep a close watch on your wallet

Joshua W. Newman


Joshua W. Newman


Oh Miami. For people in our age group, fresh off the boat, out in the wild, left to fend for themselves, the main stressors are those infamous dolla dolla billz. Money. It’s the root of all evil and something we always wish we could have more of, but have no way of getting any. It seems as though no matter how much you’re making, that savings account is always dwindling a little bit faster than it accumulates.

It really is damn tough to manage your own money. Dealing with roommates, cable, electric, water, RENT. What about food, you need to eat! Mommy’s not packing your lunch anymore.

But there are a few ways to calm your nerves after checking out that pathetic bank account. For one, write things down. It’ll help you organize your life. If you have a handle on your money, you’ll feel more confident and you won’t have that dark rain cloud floating over your head.

In a place where people are so financially varied, from Shaquille O’Neal to the crackheads downtown, there is a way to live and live well, without swiping daddy’s credit card for use on South Beach four nights a week.

For one, go to the supermarket. It’s cheaper to spend $60 or $70 every other week than to spend $15 two or three times a day. Also, think about all the beauty that surrounds Miami. A lot of that beauty can be enjoyed for free. The BEACH, anyone?

If you don’t want to be smart with your money, be my guest. It would actually be an interesting experiment to watch from the outside. Throw a prime 18-year-old college student into the cocaine capital of the world with a few hundred bucks in their bank account and see what happens. See how long it takes for the vices to pull them in.

But that’s the cynic in me speaking. I do want every single one of you to succeed and be financially intelligent. Not everyone has a trust fund waiting for them post-graduation. If you need any assistance, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact one of the many outstanding economics or finance professors that scatter the business school. They might know more than you think. Who knows, maybe a quick chat can save you thousands over the next few, very important, years of your life.