Kidz in the Hall to open Hurricane Howl 2008

Labeling their music as “conscious hip-hop” fails to do Kidz in the Hall justice. With Naledge (pronounced “knowledge”) the MC and Double-O the producer, this rap duo is not “bringing back hip-hop” – they’re simply adding to what the genre already brings to the table. Come October, Kidz in the Hall will be the opening act for this year’s Hurricane Howl at Homecoming 2008!

The Miami Hurricane: How would you describe your music?

Double-O: Feel-good, beautiful music… I mean, honestly, our music at the end of the day is soulful, because we’re not afraid to really just speak from the heart. But we consider it pretty dope, great music so it’s all of those things in one. It’s just our interpretation of life. That’s really all it is at the end of the day. Hopefully the fans will connect with it in ways that speak to them and that’s really all it is. There’s no definition to what we do, but put it out there.

TMH: What are some words that come to mind when you think about the University of Miami?

Double-O: Cuban food, fútbol…What is that place that we performed at last year? The Rathskeller, that’s what it was! Yeah, the Rathskeller’s fun. You know, Miami is just a laid-back place where if girls need to put their 8-inch heels on, get to South Beach and be sexy, they can do it. We’ll end it with that.

TMH: Last year, Talib Kweli came to our campus to perform for homecoming as well. UM is located in the city of Coral Gables, which has an ordinance that prohibits loud noise after 12 a.m. So the police had Kweli’s mic and music cut off in the middle of one of his songs a few minutes past midnight. Kweli reacted by denouncing the act and emptying his water bottles across the stage on his way out. If a similar situation occurred where your mics were cut off, how would you guys react to it?

Naledge: We would go to the nearest frat house. It’s not that serious, we don’t need to involve anything that requires police to intervene or security to cut things off. All that matters is that we have fun. Kidz in the Hall is a traveling circus. It’s like Barnum and Bailey – it’s the greatest show on earth. So when we come to town it’s a party… We’re going to have a whole lot of fun.

TMH: What are you expecting from your show at UM in October?

Naledge: Party! Honestly, it’s not brain surgery – it’s homecoming. We’re here to do a job and our job is to entertain. You all know the names, you all know the songs. You all wouldn’t have asked us to come if you all didn’t have some faith in us to come rock, you know? So we’re going to come and give all the energy we have to make sure you have the best homecoming possible.