Fashion 4Word

College is the perfect time for students to experiment and try new styles. However, while everyone tries something “new,” some people end up looking the same. In its first installment, Fashion 4Word discusses four trends that are being used/overused on campus. 


While rushing from one class to the next, you may have noticed these stylish bags carried by fellow students.  Each has distinctive leather straps attached to colorful canvas, culminating in an original Longchamp tote. The “Le Pilage”

 collection seems to be the most popular with Miami students, for use as both totes and purses. With prices ranging from $98 to $145 each, these bags are definitely a sacrifice for style. Whether you are packing for a weekend off campus, or you simply need to lug books to class, indulge in using this fashion-forward bag. After all that studying, you deserve it. 


A take-off from gladiator sandals, these stylish kicks are a bit more urban. Spotted on and off campus, strappy flats abound in Coral Gables. Available in a variety of styles and colors, each pair features a trendy twist for those tired of their everyday flip-flops.  Add a few more accessories and a spray of your favorite scent, and effortlessly go from day to night with these versatile shoes. While commonly found in many boutiques in the area, try Aldo for vogue-yet-affordable takes on the trend.


While working out in the Wellness Center, fashion might not be of the utmost importance.  Utility and ease of use are revered, as other styles and accessories may distract you from your training. However, the popularity of MP3 player armbands is undeniable, making them a definite fashion trend on campus. Also worn by students walking around the grounds before and after workouts, this practical yet innovative accessory is sleek and modern. Simple in design, the armband not only makes your workout easier (without the worry of dropping your precious MP3 player), but it also adds a hint of style to your gym outfit. Companies such as Sony, Belkin and Nike manufacture these fashionable finds.


Unfortunately, with the beginning of September, summer has escaped us.  However, the temperature is still boiling in Coral Gables, as are summer scarves. Worn solely for style, these lightweight strips of fabric can add flair to almost any outfit.  Ranging widely in color and print, some scarves even have tassels at each end to complete the look. Although not one of the most prevalent trends, students can still be seen strolling by the bookstore with hip scarves wound expertly around their necks.  Summer scarves lend the perfect amount of composed style while still appearing casual and fun. Wrap yourself up in this trend by visiting stores like Urban Outfitters or VSPink.