Buyanovsky: Going from buying to blogging

Just a year ago, I couldn’t wait to get out of class on Tuesdays so I could stroll on over to Spec’s and check out and possibly purchase that day’s releases. Thus, by the end of the year I had a stack of plastic in my room higher than I’d like to admit. It felt good to support the music industry, even if it was $11.99 at a time, and somewhere deep down it seemed like artists would appreciate the plight of a broke student.

Then, by the time summer hit, I was jobless and more broke than ever – and the endless resources of the Internet came calling. One week and thousands of blog visits later, I’d heard just about every new song and album I’d wanted to hear (and even more stuff I wish I never did). In a few short days, the Internet converted me from a proud and broke student who hung out at record stores to a knowledgeable and less-broke student who hangs out on blogs downloading the newest songs from the indie-est of artists. 

Supporting the music industry is still important if you value it, but downloading new tracks from blogs is a different sort of support. By becoming a blogger or a blog-reader, you are immediately on the cutting edge of all new music – you know who’s hot, who’s going to be hot, and if they ever deserve to be – before Y100 and MTV tell you what to think. It’s an empowering feeling, and one that will educate you and help you discover what music you really like.

So, next time you get ready to go to Best Buy for that new Rihanna album or the Mamma Mia! soundtrack, take a look to see what the Internet is holding. 

Some sites recommended by EDGE: Imeem.Com,,,,,,