Venue Spotlight: Jazid

For some of us, South Beach can feel a bit repetitive. From one club to the next, the scene seems to be the same: long lines, expensive drinks, discriminating doors, unreasonably high cover charges and most of the same music over and over again. They rely on the initial hype of the name, but after the excitement of the first months, partygoers move on and the spot fades away. That’s why it’s refreshing to find a breather from that formula by visiting Club Jazid.

Once inside the venue, it is easy to understand why this is the longest running club in South Beach. The most striking characteristic of Jazid is its nonstop energy. Jazid owes its welcoming ambience to their live entertainment, the honest and unpretentious look of the place and the approachability of its staff (they look like they are there enjoying the party, too). This is one of the few places in South Florida where one can be in the scene while being relaxed and without posses.

Featuring the hottest local bands, Jazid also offers a separate VIP room upstairs which plays a variety of “house and soulful sounds,” as is said on their Web site (, with a strong preference for reggae, house and hip-hop. The VIP room at Jazid offers the least expensive bottle service on South Beach (seriously, I’ve compared them to everywhere else), starting at a $100 – what they call “best bang for your buck” bottles. Once in the VIP, the pampering continues, and ladies even get complimentary champagne! The Jazid staff simply wants you to have a great time and come back.

Jazid is no South Beach monster club; the small venue has a cozy bar appeal, but you wouldn’t know it if you arrived while the band is playing… there is barely any space to walk. One of the most popular bands that frequents the venue is the Latin funk/rock/reggae band Suenalo ( When these guys hit the instruments the audience goes wild, jumping and dancing to the contagious rhythms. The first floor becomes packed with people ranging from 18-year-old girls (not allowed to drink, of course) to thirty-somethings having a good time.

As recently as this July, SoMoney Promotions, a company in charge of bringing more partygoers to this special spot, decided to offer special perks to University of Miami students. Canes get two-for-one drinks from 11 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. and pay no cover charge, so don’t leave your Cane Card at home! Go and celebrate our team’s victory or that A you so deserved and finally got.

A truly successful nightclub is not one that has the best DJ’s, the hottest bartenders or the prettiest décor. Instead, it’s the essence, the concept, and the energy of the place that really matters and keeps on bringing people back. That’s why Jazid will have you absolutely hooked.

Jazid is located at 1342 Washington Ave, South Beach. For more information and reservations visit