Greetings from Editor in Chief Matthew Bunch

Editor in Chief Matthew Bunch

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To the readers of

In case you can’t tell, there have been a few changes around these parts. Thanks to a months-long redesign, we’re rolling out an all-new

Clearly, it’s a big change from what you may be used to. A cleaner, more focused presentation. Improved multimedia presentation. Breaking news text alerts. Those are just a few of the things you’ll be able to utilize on our new website.

We pride ourselves on being the true student voice of the University of Miami. Students write the articles, take the photos and design the pages of every issue. And now, we can proudly say that we’ve designed and presented our own website.

We thank College Publisher for many years of assistance with our own web page, and the help they’ve given us in our transition. This is simply us taking control of our own destiny.

I’d like to personally thank Brian Schlansky, our webmaster, who worked for months designing the site and everything it entails (trust me, it’s a ton of work). I’d also like to thank former Editor in Chief Greg Linch, who spearheaded this effort. He’s Mr. Online Journalism, and this website shows that. Business Manager Nick Maslow has been a huge part of this, and he and his office now have even more work to do selling online advertising. Their ongoing work is always appreciated. There are countless others to thank, but every member of our organization had some part in this project, and should take pride in the final product.

So please: look around, kick the tires and see how the all-new runs. Do you see something wrong? Please visit our Beta Feedback page and let us know. Without your input, we won’t know what to fix, what to improve and what to better serve your needs. We’re glad you came to visit, and we hope our new look will keep you coming back for years to come. Enjoy the all-new!


Matthew Bunch
Editor in Chief
The Miami Hurricane