Summer Movie Previews

When the heat of summer gets to be too much for you, make your way to the local cinema and catch some of the summer’s hottest movies. Ranging from superhero blockbusters to animated works of genius – and even a few sequels thrown in the mix – this summer’s releases promise to keep you entertained for months. Here’s a breakdown of some film releases of note.

Iron Man (May 2) – The first big summer release should see no competition until Narnia, and will draw fans that saw Spider-Man 3 this time last year. It has more appeal than a stock comic-book movie because of Robert Downey Jr.

The Chronicles of Narnia (May 16) – Considering the first made almost $300 million, it should be no surprise to see the sequel exceed that number. It had better do its damage in its first six days because a behemoth comes out the week after.

Indiana Jones (May 22) – Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Harrison Ford will bring in well over $300 million and this film may be the biggest hit of the season. Details have been guarded, but it is known that a box from Roswell and the Soviets are involved.

Sex and the City (May 30) – Should do enormous business with fans, though the R-rating may hurt. Still, it provides an alternative for the audience not looking for comic-book heroes or action fare.

The Incredible Hulk (June 13) – Supposedly this version is more faithful to the TV show that made the character thirty years ago. Edward Norton plays Bruce Banner in a decidedly more action-oriented take on the hero than 2003’s flop.

Wanted (June 27) – A story about an ordinary guy who trains with a powerful group of assassins. Though it lacks star power (excluding Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman), the mind-bending action and the relatively unknown graphic novel source material should intrigue audiences.

WALL-E (June 27) – The Pixar machine keeps on chugging and will go untouched in the animated market this season. It will especially play to the toddler crowd that is too young for all the comic-book releases.

Hancock (July 2) – Will Smith on the Fourth of July equals staggering box-office numbers. The blend of superhero action and comedy will draw all ages and those looking for a new superhero will pick this over the old Marvel franchises.

The Dark Knight (July 18) – Like Hancock, it has enough for superhero fans and enough of something else (in this case, actual substance) to fill seats. The darkest entry into the Batman series will certainly turn some away, but it will also give the film a tone not seen in other comic-book movies.

Pineapple Express (August 8) – It might not reach Superbad status, but Judd Apatow produces hits like no one else in today’s comedy world. Seth Rogen and James Franco star in the must-see r-Rated comedy of the summer.

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