So few spaces, so many tickets

Being a loyal reader, I was ecstatic when I saw the article you had written bringing the issue of parking to light. Not surprisingly, the administration took the normal stance of never being wrong and that all tickets are justifiable, which most are, even though it hurts to say it. But there are some that are so unclear on what exactly constitutes a violation it boggles my mind.

For instance, when parking in the so-called “temp” lot behind the art museum, there are no designated spots. So when they give me a ticket for “parking in a undesignated spot,” how can they justify that? As long as you are not blocking another car from leaving or blocking traffic, how can they write you a ticket?

What grinds my gears more is what the Parking and Transportation Department and UMPD said about only distributing tickets when students have committed an offense.

I got a ticket while parked at the gym to give blood about a month and a half ago. I thought it would be quick trip and knowingly parked in one the spots labeled “reserved.” Unfortunately, when I went back to my car I had two tickets. The first was for parking in a reserved spot, which I accepted responsibility for. The second ticket was for an expired meter, but there was no meter at that spot!

Unbelievable, and so much for always justly giving tickets. Following their procedure, I appealed the ticket, explained the whole situation and was subsequently rejected. Needless to say, I was infuriated.

It just isn’t right. I still have the tickets and I am in the process of re-appealing them, although I feel my efforts will be fruitless.

– Anthony Ficara