In response to “Beware of bikers”

[Last week’s editorial on bikers] was something that I have had feelings about for some time now. I am now a senior at the university and ever since I was a freshman, bikers, skaters and skateboarders have irked me. The sidewalks on our campus are set up, as their name implies, for people to walk on. As you stated in your editorial, they can get very crowded during “rush hour” and from my experience, the majority of riders expect the walkers to just jump out of their way as they speed along. Now, I would agree with you that special bike lanes could be the answer, but I also feel that would be an egregious waste of money. Our campus is very small and even for the slowest walker it does not take more than 20 minutes, at most, to get from one place to another. So actually, there is no reason to ride a bike around campus. Furthermore, commuters that ride a bike to school should park their bike in the same manner that car drivers do. In conclusion, I feel the true solution is for people to stop being so lazy and impatient and do what a majority of students already do – WALK to class.

– Daniel Signore