Events Beat

Third annual Die-In ‘kills’ 200+

More than 200 lifeless bodies covered the UC Rock Thursday afternoon during the third annual Die-In organized by Amnesty International. Throughout the afternoon at various times, students symbolically “died” in order to educate and make students aware of many injustices, such as rape and the stranding of marine mammals.

– Analisa Harangozo


The UC Rock was transformed into a miniature health center Monday, offering information for those looking to quit smoking, learn about sex-related health concerns or join various medical clubs on campus. Planned Parenthood informed students on STDs, contraception and other topics while the Miami-Dade Area Health Education Center offered free tobacco cessation support services as well as the opportunity to apply for a pre-health summer internship program. The UM Physical Therapy and Dental Clubs looked for support from interested students to participate in activities, prepare for future careers and network with others involved in their fields.

– Nina Ruggiero

Playboy markets energy drink to UM students

Playboy Enterprises came to Titanic Brewery, located next to the University of Miami campus at 5813 Ponce De Leon Blvd, to promote its new energy drink to the university community Saturday. The new energy drink was introduced on Feb. 24, 2008, at the National Bar and Night Club Convention in Las Vegas and received more attention than the Monster and Rock Star energy drinks booths, said Scott Kinsey, Playboy Energy Drink’s director of touring and production. “Playboy energy drink is much sweeter than other energy drinks,” Kinsey said. “Red Bull tastes like Flintstone vitamins. It’s time to grow up.” Titanic hoped the energy drink would boost hard alcohol sales, but those figures did not increase according to Tommy Spain, the brewery’s manager.

– Edward Fishman

Legendary JC’s jam

More than 120 people turned out for Hurricane Production’s last Patio Jam of the year Thursday afternoon at the UC patio. The Legendary JC’s, a band out of Orlando that has made several previous appearances at Patio Jam, played soulful, bluesy tunes such as Otis Redding’s “Respect” and Wilson Pickett’s “Midnight Hour.” At one point, lead singer Eugene Snowden jumped on a table, which broke. He continued singing while lying on his back on the concrete, which incited thunderous applause from a crowd of approximately 15 students on their feet dancing and the many onlookers in the breezeway. UM alumnus Chad Bernstein, a band member of the Spam Allstars who played at a Patio Jam earlier this month, filled in at trombone and wowed the audience with a solo.

– Stephanie Genuardi

Free yoga class held on UC Green

Yoga mats were unrolled in front of the UC Green Tuesday afternoon for a complimentary yoga class hosted by Green Monkey, a wellness club opening in the fall. Cold water and fresh bananas were offered to 20 participants who were taught numerous yoga positions by instructor Andrea Brook. The class, being one of four events occurring that day in South Florida, was offered as a chance for Green Monkey to get their name out to the UM community and convey what is the company is all about: balanced living.

– Analisa Harangozo